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Lily James Looks Almost Identical to Pamela Anderson in Latest Photos for Hulu’s upcoming miniseries Pam and Tommy 

Lily James Shared a Set Selfie of Herself as Pamela Anderson and the  Resemblance Is InsaneLily James and Sebastian Stan Transform Into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 1st Photos From ‘Pam & Tommy’Quite the transformation: The Cinderella star was the spitting image of the former Playboy pin-up including her signature blonde hairLily James and Sebastian Stan Transform Into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 1st Photos From ‘Pam & Tommy’Lily James and Sebastian Stan Look Almost Too Good as Pamela Anderson and  Tommy Lee | Vanity Fair


how she normally looks

Lily James: 'I think I'm too submissive'Lily James finally takes part in first interview following Dominic West  scandal | HELLO!Lily James' Stunning Burberry Campaign Has Been Revealed | GraziaLily James' pal blasts 'sexist bullying' of star over Dominic West kiss  scandal - Irish Mirror Online

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🍋 NIKE AIR MAX 1 LEMONADE 🍋 OVERKILL     We teamed up with Gramps and @jaadiee to celebrate the premium upgrade of the Nike Air Max 1 Lemonade from the Powerwall drops in 2006

Nike Women's Blazer Mid '77 Reference: CZ0462-200 Medium Olive / Fossil - Team Gold - Lemon Venom   https://footdistrict.com/en/nike-women-s-blazer-mid-77-cz0462-200.html

those Blazers are on sale for only 44 euros, a steal

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House Recast / Studio Ben Allen




A "rich and interesting" refurbishment of a Victorian house by Studio Ben Allen has been named London's best new home improvement project in the Don't Move, Improve! awards.

The House Recast is the overall winner of this year's contest, which is organised annually by New London Architecture (NLA) to showcase the diversity of homes in the UK capital.

Studio Ben Allen was invited to overhaul the dwelling by a retired couple who wanted to reorganise its layout while introducing a new kitchen and two bathrooms.

With an otherwise open brief, project architects Omar Ghazal and Ben Allen decided to use the project as an opportunity to experiment with off-site fabrication techniques and pigmented concrete for the home's structure and finishes.


The architects said this was inspired by the house's original Victorian design, "where the brickwork is patterned and decorated, while also being a load-bearing material and having the speed and quality by being fabricated offsite."

It was this unconventional approach and the way it complements the house's original features that led the project to be crowned the overall winner by the jury.

"It feels very much like a modern intervention, but it feels completely in keeping with the period of the property and the original motives," reflected jury member and architect Melissa Dowler.

"I think there's something really rich and interesting there in that relationship and I think they've played off that really nicely, without falling into pastiche or cliche."

Dowler was joined on the panel by NLA's curator-in chief Peter Murray, Amin Taha of Groupwork and Grand Designs Magazine editor Karen Stylianides.

Whitby Wood's Sebastian Wood was also a member, alongside property journalist Kunle Barker, Tom Foxall of Historic England and managing director of NLA Tamsie Thomson.


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How Mushrooms and Coffee Mingle in This New Trendy Drink

An introduction to the chagaccino and why it could benefit your coffee routine.



Look around these days and you’ll find mushrooms are everywhere, yet they are still mysterious. They are not plants, not animals, but belong to the kingdom of fungi, which includes yeasts and molds. Some are edible, some are poisonous, and some are psychedelic. 

The New York Times has taken note of this mushroom moment. In a recent feature, Julie Creswell wrote: “It’s hard these days to throw a rock and not hit a mushroom. ... Mushroom supplements that claim to support immune systems, reduce inflammation and improve moods can be found in health and wellness stores, but also major retailers like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.”

And one specific mushroom, chaga, has caught the attention of coffee drinkers and wellness enthusiasts alike. Chaga is a blob of a shroom that blooms from birch trees in cold climates. It’s a superfood said to prevent and slow cancer, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and sugar, promote immunity, and even allay the side effects of drugs. Short term, it offers stress relief, stimulates cognitive function, and elevates athletic endurance.

Though it’s exterior is unsightly—it is asymmetrical and the color of dark charcoal—slicing inside one will yield a soft and spongy orange interior. The internet teems with various chaga tea recipes, some of which are more rustic than others and written for foragers. But lately, we’re seeing it pop up in Los Angeles and NYC cafés, and a beverage called a “chagaccino” is on its way to ubiquity.

The other day, I set out to try a chagaccino in New York City. I found one at Eagle Trading Co in Greenpoint. They prepare theirs with the key ingredients—chaga, espresso, and milk (I chose almond per the barista’s advice)—but also with cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, monk fruit, and erythritol sweetener. The cinnamon and coffee flavors dominated the beverage. No mushroomy notes came through. It could have been a placebo, but I believe that as promised, I experienced mental calm and clarity after drinking. When chatting up the barista, I learned they began serving it three months ago, and that it has been hugely popular since.

The chagaccino served at LA coffee shop Alfred appears identical to the one I sipped in Brooklyn—it also comprises espresso, milk, vanilla, cacao, cinnamon, and monk fruit. Ditto the one at LA’s Bloom & Plume. And same with the one retailing Kourtney Kardashian’s e-commerce and lifestyle platform Poosh.

After noting that disparate businesses were serving recipes so alike, I did some digging. It turns out many of them mix up their chaga with an instant product from wellness brand Renude.

I spoke to an everyday chaga drinker, Erin Curran of New Rochelle, New York, who got into chaga intending to drink less coffee, which is harsh on her digestively. She makes her chaga at home with Four Sigmatic’s instant mushroom coffee with chaga and cordyceps (a genus of fungi). Its caffeine is half that of your regular cup of joe.

“It’s honestly not the most delicious coffee, but it gives me energy,” she says. “It supposedly has cognitive benefits and gives an energy burst with less caffeine. It’s hard to tell consciously if it’s working, but it’s at least as good as having normal coffee. I have stomach issues, and it seems slightly better for me than actual coffee. So why not?”

Another chaga drinker I know, Annie Lyall Slaughter of NYC, alerted me to MUD/WTR, a coffee alternative of chaga, masala chai, cordyceps, turmeric, reishi, sea salt, cinnamon, and lion’s mane (aka the fungus hericium erinaceus). This elixir cuts coffee’s caffeine to one seventh, and claims to offer a buzz without the crash.

One can’t help but notice chaga’s similarity to nutritious matcha, which has held its ground as a coffee substitute for years. Time will tell if chaga follows the same popular trajectory.


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Classic Burger Toppings, Ranked

You can’t have a cheeseburger without cheese.



What makes a good burger a good burger? Sure, burgers are reliant on quality beef and toasty buns, but the entire thing becomes a masterpiece when the series of topping combinations come together as one.

That being said, some ingredients do more for a burger than others. Think about it: if you could only pick three toppings for your burger, what would they be? As challenging as it may be to consider a world without loaded-up burgers, sometimes the simplest toppings are best, while others are forgettable fillers. For this reason, we ranked some of the most common burger toppings so you can know what to put atop your flame-kissed patties this barbecue season. 


12. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not as common of a burger topping, and maybe that's with good reason. What do mushrooms bring to a burger party, really? They are rubbery. They sometimes taste kind of like dirt. Leave the mushrooms in your risotto or pasta sauces, because these slippery fungi are not working as well for your burger.


11. Tomatoes 

I like tomatoes. I think they’re fine on burgers. At best, they are refreshing and light and taste particularly good alongside some mayo and crunchy lettuce. At worse, they are too soft—like a wet paper towel—and actually detract from the burger. A mealy tomato has the power to take down what could be a fantastic burger. Does anyone actually bemoan a burger for not having any tomato on it? I’ll happily eat them if they’re there, but won’t miss them if they’re gone.


We’ve all had cravings for that smoky barbecue flavor. But firing up the grill at, say, lunchtime isn’t always an option. That’s why Boar’s Head’s created their new PitCraft Turkey. It’s inspired by real pit masters and slow-cooked to perfection to bring that real pit barbecue taste to the deli. Think of it as your ultimate hack for picnics, sandwiches, and more.


10. Eggs

Eggs on burgers is a controversial topic. Some people really hate the idea of it. Others can find value for a runny yolk atop a patty, yet aren’t particularly enthused by it. I am one of the latter. Having an egg on a burger undoubtedly equates to a yolky mess, unless you like your fried eggs cooked hard (which means you have your own issues you need to work out). A soft egg means streams of runny yolk running down to your elbows. A hard egg will be powdery. Having an egg within a burger can often feel overly rich and heavy -- not something that is necessarily appealing alongside the heaviness of a juicy beef patty and melted cheese. The only time I can really get down with fried eggs in burgers is during brunch, and even then I’m usually clutching my stomach at the end wondering why I ate something so heavy at so early in the day. It's an entirely different story if we're talking bagels and breakfast sandwiches, but we're not and I stand by this ranking. 


9. Chili

Chili cheeseburgers are classic American fare, although it's one of those things you absolutely have to be in the mood for. When it’s good, it’s good. But when it’s not the right time, you’re just kind of asking yourself what you’re doing choking down so much meat and grease in one sitting. I like chili on my burger every once in a blue moon, but don’t particularly like the mess that comes with it. Save it for a hot dog. 


8. Lettuce

Lettuce isn’t a particularly exciting burger topping, probably because it basically tastes like water. The key to lettuce is its texture; if it’s fresh and crunchy, slap those leaves on. Unlike tomatoes, bad lettuce isn’t the worst insult to a burger—it’s a pretty incognito addition that can skate by under the flavors of grilled meat and ketchup. Good lettuce can make the burger feel more nutritious and look better with all the added leafy greens. Also, it can be fun to swap in massive lettuce leaves for shredded lettuce. Overall, it’s an inoffensive topping, but nothing to write home about.


7. Avocado

I mean, the fact that avocados are what is standing between me and home ownership should make them rank far, far lower on this list. I should really despise avocados for what they’ve allegedly done to my savings. But I can’t do that to this dreamy and creamy topping; they really are great on burgers! They add a nice butteriness and do the heavy lifting if cheese or mayonnaise aren’t quite cutting it. The main downside is how slippery the slices can get, but there's any easy fix: just mash up the avo straight onto the bun. It'll act as a glue to hold everything together. I guess I’ll just never own property in this lifetime.


6. Chilies

Here is a pro tip from a Californian: ask for chopped chiles on your In-N-Out burger… or any really at any burger place where chopped chilies are available (lookin' at you, most of Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona). The result is magical; the tang and spice cut through the heaviness of a cheesy double-double so you're ready to jump into your next bite. Not only is spicy food some of the best food, it’s supposedly good for you to eat hot peppers. Whether it’s jalapeños, pepperoncinis, or green chilies, throw some tongue-tingling peppers on your burgers and spice up your life.


5. Bacon

There’s a bacon boon in the fast food/fast casual industry. You can get bacon on your burgers at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Red Robin—truly anywhere that serves burgers, there’s bound to be bacon not far off. These establishments are giving the people what they want: salty, oily strips that just intensify the savoriness that makes burgers so good. I am a fan of thick slices of bacon on top of my burger, and it seems that just about everybody else is, too. Not everywhere has great bacon, though. Some strips are sad and shriveled, particularly in fast food spots. But then there are the deeply committed places, like West Coast-chain Slater’s 50/50, which has a burger with 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. We’re not mad at it. You just have to find the right bacon.


4. Pickles

Pickles are a sacred ingredient. The juice is amazing as a chaser for shots or swapped with olive brine for martinis, the spears are some of the best salty snacks ever, and a classic burger just feels incomplete without slices of pickles snuggled under a cheese blanket like Spongebob’s Krabby Patties. If you take into consideration the vast world of other pickled things that would be great on burgers—like kimchi—then it’s safe to understand why pickles are a top five contender in this burger topping ranking. Similarly to chopped chilies, the acid from pickles cuts through the heaviness of fatty beef and cheese. I can't imagine a burger without them.


3. Condiments

This list would be way too long if I listed every type of sauce or condiment that frequently finds a spot on toasted buns, so I’ve put them all together in a category of their own. Sure, some condiments are going to fare better than others—ketchup seems mandatory, and I absolutely love a garlic aioli situation. Even off-putting condiments (who puts relish on their burgers?) add moisture and additional flavor. They tie the whole thing together; some are spicy, others are decadent, and some are classic blends of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. The idea of a dry burger with dry buns is so unappealing that condiments had to rank pretty high on this list. We can do without all the stuff lower on the rungs, but condiments are hard to skip.


Still, not all condiments are created equal, so in the interest of being completist—and the fact that maybe Inception was on last night—here is a ranking within this ranking of core burger condiments, from best to worst. 

1. Ketchup
2. Mustard
3. Thousand Island
4. Mayonnaise and its delicious derivatives
5. Ranch
6. Relish
7. BBQ sauce (it’s way too sweet and BBQ chips are the worst too and I’m not sorry).  


2. Onions

Onions are one of the greatest, most versatile burger topping. Chopped and raw, they add a spicy and needed kick among the oiliness of beef patties, gooey cheese, and chili. Caramelized onions provide a sweet depth alongside heavier garlic aiolis. Fried onion strips just plain taste good, and it seems mandatory that barbecue burgers include onion rings. I was debating whether or not onions are more worthy than condiments and remembered the fantastic sliders from White Castle. All they really need are onions, and a pickle, right? Onions do it all—and they deserve to be lauded as one of the best toppings for burgers. 


1. Cheese

Nobody is surprised that cheese is the best burger topping. The yellow squares of dairy—and in the case of American cheese, kind of dairy but mostly milk culture—are to burgers what peanut butter is to jelly: a perfect culinary partner. There are even vegan cheeses now that capture the memorable melt that makes cheese, well, cheese. Blue, brie, cheddar, provolone... the options are limitless and delicious. Would you like cheese on your burger? The answer should always be yes.


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Willett Barrel Aged Lorelei Coconut Maple Toast Imperial Porter  2020


Willett Bourbon Barrel Aged Lorelei Coconut Maple Toast Imperial Porter 2020 is the second barrel aged vintage of our collaboration with Siren Craft Brew (UK) and the 5th home brew winner of our annual brewing competition, Dave Strachan. Together we crafted a robust coconut and maple infused porter. Take some amazing Willet Bourbon barrels, fill them, age them and what you have is perhaps the closest thing to drinkable maple syrup. We like this beer, a lot.


Imperial Porter, 12.5 % by vol.

Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri in Sweden.

Artwork by Karl Grandin.

Willett Barrel Aged Lorelei 2020776FBFF1-D30F-48CA-8AD1-9156BF3AF4E3-2984-0000012EC50CFBEB_580x.jpg?v=1611052980


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Pleroma Blackberry Blueberry Lime Crème Brûlée


Blackberries, blueberries and a dash of lime crème brûlée sour ale brewed with berries, lactose sugar and lots of finely ground vanilla. The creaminess and notable flavors of berries are balanced out with the bite from the gentle amount of lime. 


Sour, 6 % by vol.

Brewed at De Proefbrouwerij in Belgium.

Artwork by Karl Grandin.


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The best of Stoke Newington and Newington Green



Stoke Newington (affectionately referred to as ‘Stokey’ by its residents) and Newington Green occupy the northwest corner of Hackney. Both areas command a strong feeling of community spirit, which, along with their housing stock, make them popular places in which to make a home, especially for young families who are drawn by the area’s spacious Victorian terraces and good primary schools (oh – and the Whole Foods).

Both neighbourhoods have anti-establishment sentiment embedded in their history: in the 1960s, Stoke Newington became the stomping ground for political radicals and bohemians; while Newington Green’s Unitarian Church was a centre for revolutionary thinking and social reform. Both areas have a village-like feel – especially around Stoke Newington’s Church Street and Newington Green itself – in part because they are not on the tube map (they are instead serviced by the Overground network).


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Summer Wine, Gamay Rosè


💝 Raven Smith x Shop Cuvée 🍷 



We've teamed up with the best selling author and everyone's favourite cultural pundit, Raven Smith for Summer Wine. Conceived between lockdowns with the simple aim: a rosé to embody and bottle the essence of a summer we have all been waiting for.  

A super fresh, 100% Gamay, provincial style rosé from Jean-François Debourg made from hand-harvested grapes, macerated for only 48 hours. 


Beaujolais FR

Type, Rosè

Grapes, Gamay

Alc. 12.5%

Year, 2019

Size, 750ml


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YEMA Channels the 1960s With Its Limited-Edition Superman Skin Diver Watch

Featuring the brand’s unique scales bracelet.


French watch brand YEMA announced a new iteration of its Superman timepiece called the Superman Skin Diver Limited Edition. Paying homage to the original 1960’s Superman watch, this new edition reintroduces the scales bracelet, a hallmark of the watch’s original design.

The new limited-edition watch features YEMA’s bezel-lock mechanism and comes with new printed indexes and a “lollipop” seconds hand, enigmatic of YEMA’s divers watches. Additionally, the watch features a unidirectional sapphire bezel, black sunburst dial and a stainless steel casing. Referencing the “Skin Diver” name, the indexes are coated in a vintage beige color.

As a limited-edition, YEMA produced 1,000 watches in 39mm and 41mm, which are now available for pre-order on its website for $1,249 USD.

In related news, check out YEMA’s collaboration with the French Navy.

YEMA Unveils Limited-Edition Superman Skin Diver Watch timepieceYEMA Superman Skin Diver Limited EditionYEMA Unveils Limited-Edition Superman Skin Diver Watch timepiece

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5525gallery Releases Porcelain Bowls by Sculptor Yuki Inoue

Arriving in four various colours.


Tokyo’s 5525gallery teamed up with sculptor and potter Yuki Inoue on a collaborative set of porcelain Arita bowls. Small in size, each bowl features hand-touched details by Inoue whose grandfather, Manji Innoue, is considered to be one of the most influential artists in the country.

Inoue studied visual arts at Tamagawa University after working in the apparel industry. He then studied under his grandfather since April 2012. Since then, he has been selected and won prizes at various exhibitions across Japan. He also collaborates with fashion brands and produces accessories for different types of pottery.

The set features four various colors: red, blue, yellow and white. Each bowl features co-branded details with “5525gallery” and “INOUE YUKI” texts that are placed on the bottom. The bowl is currently on sale at 5525gallery’s website for ¥ 11,000 JPY (approx. $100 USD).

yuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goodsyuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goodsyuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goodsyuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goodsyuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goodsyuki inoue porcelain bowls gallery release collaboration design homeware home goods

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Rotary Hero US Dollar, Ice Cream, Hamburger and Donuts Stools 

Exclusive to HBX.


Following a release last year, HBX has now readied another release with Japanese brand Rotary Hero. Known as decoration staples in NIGO‘s personal spaces, Rotary Hero offers playful stool designs that can only be described as irresistibly fun.

Priced at $165 USD, Rotary Hero’s US Dollar, Ice Cream, Hamburger and Donuts Stools are available now on HBX.

In case you missed it, In-N-Out Burger celebrates its signature drink cup with a slip-on shoe release.

Rotary Hero Dollar Ice Cream Hamburger Donuts Stools HBX ReleaseRotary Hero Dollar Ice Cream Hamburger Donuts Stools HBX ReleaseRotary Hero Dollar Ice Cream Hamburger Donuts Stools HBX ReleaseRotary Hero Dollar Ice Cream Hamburger Donuts Stools HBX Release

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