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29. Kai Havertz

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Who cares? He can make it iconic just like Zola 25 and Terry 26

I wait around all day incase we announce him and then as soon as I take an afternoon nap it happens and I miss it. 😆😆😆 LETS GOOOOO! I distinctly recall saying when we were first linked

https://theathletic.com/2044050/2020/09/05/havertz-transfer-mclachlan-marina-phone-call-lampard-real-madrid/ Some inside info from The Athletic on our pursuit-purchase of Havertz... - Club s

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Or fuller quote...


Is Havertz OK or feeling ill? More testing to make sure you're all OK?

It showed up in Uefa's testing on Monday. We re-tested yesterday but everyone else is negative in the squad. I've spoken to him a couple of times. He's at home isolating. He has minor symptoms but he's fine. I spoke to him two hours before the game. He's doing all the right things. It's one of those things in the modern day.

Hope the others are really negative for good.

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Havertz on why he joined Chelsea over other clubs and settling in with Werner...



"To me, it was important to have a club with a vision," he told Sport Bild. "The club is on the move. We are a young team with a lot of great players. We think aggressively.

"We want to build something here and attack. This motivates me. And then, a title with Chelsea is just worth more.

"A transfer like this doesn't happen overnight. I had enough to go through all options and things which are important to me. I was watching a lot of Premier League on TV anyhow and knew Chelsea really well."


"I help Timo with good passes on the pitch and, at the beginning, he helped me out with a lift to the training grounds," he added.

"Sure, we do a lot of things together. This helps a lot. But we also must go our own ways to fully settle here.

"To me, the move to England is also important step for my personal development."

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10 hours ago, NikkiCFC said:

Yes, he is so good on the ball. All of his 3 assists this season came from the middle, this is what we needed. Sky is the limit for him, we are so lucky to have him!



I know it may not happen atm (as we have 3 solid strikers) BUT I would love to see a run-out with him at CF

he tore shit up there the 2nd half of last season with Bayer

and (nothing to do with CF)

if you call 4000 minutes an absolutely full season

even now, with a slowish start he is tracking to 20 goals and 20 assists all comps with us over that many minutes

at 3200ish, 16 and 16

here were his stats at CF in 2020



017b9fcc23d5e5176450202f9129cc13.pngc0e75f489afd8bd81a9db3c4bb83e1db.png << played part of the game as a striker

DB Pokal



7 and half games as a striker

9 goals 

only bad game was that bizarre Wolfsburg blowout that came out of nowhere, the entire team collapsed for some bizarre reason (one of the strangest results all Bundesliga restart), and it cost them the CL, which deffo helped us get him)

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3 hours ago, Atomiswave said:


Not a slight on him obviously but if someone had a dollar for every "of course" and "yeah" said by Havertz, he or she would be rich right now! :lol: 

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