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Alfredo Morelos


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With Tammy's emergence we have more scope to take a gamble in terms of our next striker and I'm thinking could this guy maybe be worth a go? He's in a lot of people's opinions the best player in the SPL by a distance, not a high bar I know but he's also delivering in Europe with 11 goals in 12 Europa games. Rangers fans I have asked think he's destined for the top.

From what I've seen he's been every bit as good as Moussa Dembele was for Celtic who's now in high demand after further proving himself at Lyon. As we saw with Kieran Tierney even the best player's in Scotland aren't that pricey so should we go for a potential top striker while we can get him on the cheap? as opposed to when he's proved himself at a higher level to which he'd be obscene money.

There is however one elephant in the room with him and that's his discipline, 5 red cards last season (one resinded) but he seems to have knuckled down a bit this season knowing that if he wants a big move he has to sort that out.

Yes he's playing in the SPL this season, but last season some of our best player's this season were playing in the Championship, including our top scorer.

He seems the type of player that could thrive under our current environment and he will be quite cheap for the standards of the modern market aswell (freeing up funds for left back which I'm my opinion is our most urgent need and potentially a marquee signing on the wing), if we desperately needed a new striker I'd probably say he will be a bit too big a gamble however as I said Tammy's emergence means we can afford to take a bit of a left field gamble and I feel this guy could be the real deal.

Here's a scout report about him


The fact he can also play as a winger gives us even more options and depth as it did when we had Anelka.

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Having watched a lot of Celtic games for years now including the old firms, I am still not 100% absolutely sold on both Morelos and even Eduoard making such a big move yet. 

I did think that Moussa Dembele, Kieran Tierney and also Krisoffer Ajer who will be the next one to go, were definitely ready to move to a bigger league although I do think if Morelos or Eduoard got a move similar to Dembele's and continued to grow for a season or two, it would suit both of them much better while they mature a bit more as players.

I think Moussa Dembele and Tierney both had a real maturity to their game as well as their ability, you wouldnt have thought they were so young watching them play. Both Morelos and Eduoard at times, that perhaps shows, but again having Morelos here competing with Tammy and both of them alternating for playing time isnt ideal for both of their developments. Their both at ideal ages where they need to play every week.

Saying that, Morelos' temperment has improved a lot since he first arrived in Scotland and his physicality means he usually gives defenses a tough time, in Europe and in Scotland. I am not sure if he is technically superior to the likes of Eduoard or Dembele. In and around the box he is very good, undoubtedly his strike rate is very impressive for a player lf his age.

I dont think Morelos has ever played as a wide player for Rangers or Columbia though.

The price for either Morelos or Eduoard is going to be 30m plus undoubtedly though, both players are goalscorers which adds more to their worth.

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