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Kawasaki Frontale 1-0 Chelsea


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disjointed performance
typical preseason
we have so many players to sort through
the good
Barkely was best player on the pitch when he came in
Giroud looked dangerous, he is going to be our starter I think, at Manure
Kenedy was horrid the first 15, 20, then really came on, nice surprise, should have scored, but ht to their GK
Pulisic looked bright, barely played
Kovacic same as Kenedy, but not quite the impact
Wille looked oki
Luiz great passing, meh defence
Zappacosta (another surprise, very aggressive, far more dangerous than Azpi, he has been really good his last few games)
the bad
Zouma (bad on the ball, didnt play well with Luiz)
Alonso (looks as slow as I recall, lol)
Drinkwater (he just looks so so rusty)
Bakayoko (horrid, will not fit in here, we need to sell him)
Palmer (no end product, not horrid, just meh)
Cool. Well at least there was some good performances. Some of the bad will be eradicated by a better team and hopefully the good will shine through

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We really miss


Rudiger (maybe worse than Kante)




CHO is a hard call, as he has played so little, BUT

we need him and Willian both, badly as we are so short of wingers


Lamps will sort it

I can see what he is doing with the lineups and the formation experiments


biggest thing for me


Zouma has been a big disappointment

looks in shape, but his play on the ball is BAD

and like Luiz, he make mental errors

I wish Tomori would have played half the game

we all know what Luiz can do




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1 minute ago, Hutcho said:

Cool. Well at least there was some good performances. Some of the bad will be eradicated by a better team and hopefully the good will shine through


I m resigned to Alonso being our b/u LB as Juan Famila-Castillo didnt even travel, nor did Baba

but ffs, we simply must sell Drinkwater and Bakayoko

they are bad players, offer nothing


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My impressions;

Still very impressed with Mount, more impressed this game that he plays bigger than his body should afford. He positioned himself well for contact and came away from it in control.

The midfield looked strong in the first half and went to crap with all the subs in the second half. In the second half there was a lot of jogging in the middle but not improving your position to receive the ball and once it was received it seemed like only then were some players thinking about where it should go. The second half for the midfield should decide a few loans or selling of players. It is difficult to get much from Pulisic as he wasn't in much. He looked quick and decisive, he also worked well when he didn't have the ball to be in position for a pass and knew where he was going. If that was a real game there would have been a penalty when the Kawasaki player just threw his leg out to attempt to trip him.

There was good play from the attacking positions, just not good finishes. I thought for sure Kennedy would score. There were some really good passes to players going forward to attack the goal.

It is a game that Chelsea had control of and could not finish good passes. In that sense it was frustrating to watch all the way through.

From a preseason aspect, I think it really did show who needs to be on the squad and who needs to play somewhere else.



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26 minutes ago, DDA said:

I'm confused as fuck. It says this game is on Saturday. Have i missed it?? Wtf is going on??

It may have been Saturday Japan time....I can never remember the time difference with Japan in the US. It is weird.


ETA it is 10:40pm Friday in Japan right now, so it could not have been Saturday.

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3 minutes ago, MoroccanBlue said:

Like I said a few weeks back, I’m more confident in Tomori being a success here than Zouma. Under a progressive manager at least. 

Team needs the fat trimmed 

Unfortunately Lampard's confirmed he wants Zouma to stay.

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2 hours ago, !Hazard! said:

Drinkayoko. Hopefully the last time we'll ever see of them

Tbh I don't think Danny was particularly that bad from an individual perspective, he just doesn't have the skillset to dominate a midfield battle the way Jorginho and Kovacic were doing and that's before we mention he came on alongside Bakayoko.

I can give or take him staying as a 4th choice filler for cup games but Bakayoko must be gone no matter what.

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I dont know.. last season i could enjoy a friendly because we had a new manager with a new philosophy and we could already see big development in our playstyle in the first friendly, after 1-2 weeks in training. I havent seen anything interesting in any of our friendlys this pre-season. The only thing i see is pure struggling. I just have a really bad feeling about this season. Im afraid we even wont make top 6th. Last time i saw pure struggling in our per-season was the season where we sacked José for the second time.. 

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4 hours ago, Tomo said:


Michy looks like he's majorly improved in his hold up play but going wait until the real stuff starts for a proper assessment. 

It took him 60 minutes to lose the starting job after having a brilliant pre season with us 2 years ago

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