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Super Frank Thread

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I can't actually believe how well coached we are. Puts it in further perspective when you see the garbage United and Arsenal are spewing. I love the fact Frank isn't so stubborn to try and do it

Very confused, can only assume the ones being somewhat negative did not watch the game? Aside from Dave and Zouma, I thought we played really well against the European Champions. I was shocked at time

Our pressing game was superb, and made all the difference today! 4-3-3 with Mount and Havertz to harass opponents and Kante to sweep up behind...that's the way to go. And we have two bombing

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I honestly still think that even we have all our new signings fit to play, we won't see a major improvement in defence nor attack...except getting rid of Kepa's stupid mistakes.

The Brighton game there was little to desire.

Liverpool? Toothless attack. No bite.

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Still not convinced he will be a good manager. We still make the same mistakes defensively, can´t play out of press and just rely on the individual quality of Pulisic to create something upfront. I am still figuring out if he wants Chelsea to be a counter attacking  or a possession based team, even after one year there isn´t just any system implemented.

That being said, his man management seems to be very bad. His phasing out of certain players without any reason set the team up with negative vibes. (Tomori, Giroud,Jorginho, CHO)

I hope he comes good at Chelsea, but I fear he won´t to be honest. 

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14 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

For me he has a handful of games to sort this out, he's had big money by the club and this is looking shambolic as it stands.

If things don't change we will Poch here you watch.

Poch is going to get the job anyways.


Lampard(and Jody) have shown that they are in over their heads here...and thats fine. Hes still a young manager.

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Honest question, can someone tell me what his philosophy is? He constantly changes his formation and tactics which is a huge problem. If you look at every worldclass manager then you can clearly see they are consistent in their tactics and formation. Their team has a certain playstyle and they stick with it. 

With Lampard I literally don't see his footballing philosophy. It's very confusing for a team to play a certain way if  the manager is confused himself.

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It is still early in the season but since we all agreed that Lampard has no excuses this time, am just gonna throw these out here...

1. The lack of proper pre-season and all the disruptions have not helped but it feels like Lampard has leaned too much into that as an excuse based on our uninspiring displays so far. One would think that after a season in charge, Lampard would have embedded his template, his way of playing into the team and yet two games in, we still look a mess. Can't defend, can't press, can't pass the ball, can't control possession. We can't even do any basics right and play the idea of football that Lampard supposedly wants us to play. Why?

2. What exactly is Lampard's tactics and style of play? Because if all he has just the talk of playing attacking football, pressing the opposition, promoting youth etc, then I know a more experienced manager out there who can likely implement all of those better than what we have seen so far. If I am being super harsh, his action doesn't speak louder than words right now. It is all talk but what we see on the pitch is like the opposite. 

3. Do not necessarily mind the counter attacking approach against Liverpool today but the passiveness of it? Diabolical set-up. Everyone was so deep till the point the approach felt like containment as opposed to actually counter attacking. Also, playing long balls to Havertz to feed off? Really? We also had Werner up against Liverpool's high line but we barely played many balls over the top and we barely even tried it. Why? 

4. Said it in the other thread, Mount is basically turning into another Willian for us. His effort cannot be faulted but what does he contribute in attack? 

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3 minutes ago, Henrique said:

Christensen fucked the game. Zyech, Pulisic and Silva out. His only mistake is his love for Mount. Other than that I dont know why you guys are mad.

What about Kepa?

Also I'm not mad, you can't get mad when you can see this coming since January.

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