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Didier Drogba


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In case DD is returning I think oscar should switch to the #8 and DD gets his old #11. However, shirt numbers are the least of my concerns. I'm not sure about DD's form, He is 36 now and has't played a lot of competitive football and thats what worries me.

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I am really unsure about this.

In one hand i think, oh my.... a chance to see him in a blue shirt once again.

In the other i think, why..... you left at the top. Your last kick in a Chelsea shirt was to win the CL for us. The only way from there is down. Do not ruin it.

On a purely football view, can he really offer us anything on the pitch? I am not so sure. An impact sub maybe but not much more.

If he is on his way back to coach Lukaku then do it on the training field not on the pitch.

He will always be a legend here for what he did and rightly so. I just fear if he returns to play and flops a little. It may take some of the gloss off that.

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If he returned in a player-coach capacity yes because 1) his wages wouldn't go on FFP as they would be taken out of the coaching staff's wages 2) we lack players that are leaders now that Lamps and Cole have been released and Tiago resigned for Atletico 3) he can mentor our younger CFs like Lukaku, Bamford, Solanke, Brown, Feruz and whoever else and 4) if we have an injury crisis or need to rest players for big games I'd prefer Drogba coming in even at 36 and playing ahead of Torres.

The only issues is, if he comes in just as a player and he doesn't play a lot will he get disruptive like it was reported under Boas? Lets be honest, hes not a quiet guy, hes a big personality and even now at 36 he probably isn't happy when hes not playing. Jose would be daft to resign him just as a player in my eyes, as a player coach though, there is more potential in it.

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@ESPNFC Jose Mourinho: “Mr Abramovich is very intelligent and he feels that people belong to the club. We feel that Didier [Drogba] belongs to us.”

Can't find where these next quotes are from since I can't find them and no one is providing a link but everyone is tweeting them :S Here they are anyway:

Mourinho: "We want to win matches and win titles and Didier is one of the best strikers in Europe. If you bring him back it is not because he is Didier or scored the most important goal in the history of Chelsea. If I bring him back, and the decision has to be made soon, it is because he has qualities to make the team stronger. Is he coming back as a player one more year or a couple more years? Let’s see."

Edit: Found the article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2704745/Didier-Drogbas-return-Chelsea-moves-closer-Jose-Mourinho-confirms-wants-Blues-legend-Stamford-Bridge.html

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This is just fucking awesome! I don't care if he never plays so long as he retires in Chelsea blue and can act as a mentor/ambassador for the club. Drogba doesn't have to even step on the pitch to have an impact at the club, if he can get Lukaku to understand what it means to be a Chelsea player it will go a long way to improving his production on the pitch.

At the same time those thinking that Drogba's return will help Lukaku with his technique and back to goal play I would advise you to temper your enthusiasm. You can't teach a giraffe to kill like a lion.

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