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Didier Drogba

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Drogba asked Torres how his goal record has come along since he left. Torres did not find that question amusing.

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Come home Drogba. We are waiting for you Sir..


"Didier Drogba’s return to Chelsea on a one-year-contract could be confirmed this week, according to reports in France, with the Ivory Coast striker then set to be offered a coaching role at Stamford Bridge when he retires from playing."

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He still has something to offer despite his age.Yes the last kick of the ball for Didier sounds romantic,but he is a legend anyway,so if he signs a 1-year contract and scores say 5 goals in 15 apps no one can complain.

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Didier Drogba moves a step closer to a Stamford Bridge return as he texts old teammates to talk about coming back


The king coming back.

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Put it this way, 32 year old Eto'o needed a few months to adjust to playing in a major league again, now we release him when he is fully acclimatised to go through the same thing with 36 year old Drogba when we could jyst extend Eto's deal.

The welcome back vs Leicester would be good but beyond that this has nightmare written all over.

Beyond being black, from Africa and playing up-front, Eto'o and Drogba are very different players. If you remove any analysis of their tactical impact then the comparison makes sense (almost) but I'm not sure if this is a case of Drogba replacing Eto'o.

In fact out of all of our strikers from last season, Drogba is most likely a replacement for Ba as the target man/aerial presence/back to goal type striker....except better.

If we're playing against a parked bus and Costa alone isn't working (because there's a lack of space behind the defence for him to exploit) and we're looking to pepper the box with crosses, which striker do you want to bring on? I think even aged 37 I'd still plump for Drogba over Lukaku, Torres or even Eto'o.

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If he's returning to play a main role as striker next season then it's a little bit embarrassing frankly. A legend obviously, and would love to see him in a coaching role though.

Would be interesting to know if this has anything to do with lukaku given that he's suggested that drogba was his idol. Might shut him up. Yeah, maybe not.

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Costa will want to be top dog, he's the alpha male.. I can only cringe at the idea of Drogba trying to 'mentor' him. This is a time for NEW leaders, a new era.. not going back into the past to find Lukaku a cheerleader.


So being top dog means elbowing people or headbutting them??? Being alpha male seems to be not learning from world class players??

Whose our coach? Should we give the same reasoning for hin and sack him right now? Costa CAN very well be the new leader on the pitch and still learn from DD.

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Why? Sorry, I don't quite get your point here. Putting cones out is beneath him in some way? You're really going to need to expand on that because most of us probably don't see something wrong with someone who wants to move into coaching performing menial but essential tasks like that.

That's what most people in the real world do as well. They start at the bottom and work their way up. Others have, see...


Oh look, another legend holding cones. Are you still in smh mode?


There's a two-times Champions League winning coach not just touching a cone, but wearing one....hard times.

Really Idiotic point made there, Jose is the manager ffs, very different from your only real role being to put cones out. If he was serious about coaching, he should go for his coaching badges first, at least that would legitimise this.

It will take him an entire season to adjust to playing again at this level, like it did with Eto'o after his stint away, and then he'll be 37. The only thing people remember about Henry's return was his beard, Kaka tarnished his legacy at Milan by returning as a washed up has-been.

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