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Chelsea 1-1 Wolves


Man of the Match  

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    • Kepa
    • Azpilicueta
    • Rudiger
    • Luiz
    • Emerson
    • Jorginho
    • Kante
    • Kovacic
    • Hazard
    • Pedro
    • Higuain
    • Loftus-Cheek (sub)
    • Hudson-Odoi (sub)
    • Willian (sub)

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I listened sarri press conference.  Here we go again: the problem is the lack of players that move without the ball 

With these players, that kind of problem cannot be solved. So if the market ban is confirmed, the board should look around for a different coach 



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and he is right - those players dont move without ball! because from last years they were learning only defensive ways of protecting and to stay behind the ball.. Not moving on open spaces and etc.. If you watch match in details you will see how players move in same lines over and over but never in some other places.. they play too safety and passes with one touch are really hard for them . 

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19 hours ago, Tomo said:


Sarri also said he will start looking at formation changes when his side are in tune with the basics of his football, which is a good sign I'm guessing.

RLC was decent when he came on, I have said in the past I think he is a super sub type player (ala a midfield version of a Javier Hernandez), I feel his burst of pace against tired defenses causes problems and when he starts he often drifts out of the game easily and when he doesn't initially he does after an hour. CHO was awful unless I missed something in the last seven minutes and it was a reality check for anyone who thinks he should be an immediate starter, but it's all part of the learning curve so hopefully he gets more chances in similar situations.

Jorginho wasn't anywhere near as bad as people are making out but Kovacic probably had his worst game for us.

All in all I think the draw despite lots of territorial dominance was quite applicable to where we are right now, and thanks to United losing I still think we are in a good position for top four as they won't repeat their recent run and Arsenal (and Emery) are weak as shit away from home.

For the bolded - THANK YOU. I only gave him credit for his crosses. He is playing here and there in last weeks, and that should be enough for now, but he definitely must start against Dynamo. It's clear as a day that he won't improve us so much at the moment, if at all, and we can't afford that much of a risk, we are in a fight for our lives.

Agree with your other points as well, this was positive game at the end, only the result was missing.

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On 3/10/2019 at 4:06 PM, BlueLion. said:

CHO struggled when he came on; he looked out of his depth in my very humble opinion. 

You would have thought he would be doing every little thing he could to prove to everyone just how good he was and try to make Sarri look wrong for not picking him.

But Its that old catch 22. He wont be trusted and get playing time till he gets better and he won't get better till he gets playing time.

I do hope he stays, and yes I do think he should be getting regular 10/20 mins and just how I liked how Mou kept training Happy on site and not send him off. Getting used to training,playing with the 1st team. Some time here and there. Losing his nerves. It was such a shame he got such a bad injury. Who knows what he would be like now. Thats just how CHO should be trained.

But CHO SEEMS like a diff character. I don't see him staying.He wants it now. But you can imagine his fam/agent/hangers on all blowing smoke up his arse telling them hes amazing and better than sliced bread!

Peeps saying "We don't deserve the top 4" DESERVE ffs??? IF we make the top 4 after these last 2 seasons we more than deserve it!. Any ANYTHING can still happen THIS season!

I would be laughing all season. We will have the worse set of players I can remember for many years. With Eden,CHO,Kovacic, MAYBE Kante going, Who knows about Luiz yet? We will be a squad bade up of 3 managers players and only 1 choice from our current one.

The rest will be a stew pot of loanees, deadwood and 30+'s.

But we never know. This stew pot might just have the spirit and fight that this lot don't seem to have - or if they do have it they dont keep it for long.  I know if it's a team of misfits they will be wanting to show they could do it. (Well I hope they will think like that lol)

We played for 3 games like we wanted to put things right. They should have started this like our season depended on it. We pressed for a bit but never with full commitment. Was like we was in 2md gear.

And Sarri was dead right about not moving into spaces off the ball. Just keep an eye on that and watch. None of the forwards do it much.

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