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Game of Thornes preguel The long Night


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Having only just watched the 1st two season the last couple of days (with the other 5 ready to watch) I'm seeing that the prequel has got the go ahead with Directors,actors etc all sorted and a Pilot has been ordered.

Apparently its from long before when the White Walkers roamed so should have a lot of trippiness and magic.

Looks good

I see Josh Whitehouse from Poldark - also in season 3 apparently but will soon find out 0 is in it. He was shite in Northern Soul but I'm tremendously biased against everything that waters down my beloved scene.

The Long Night: Game of Thrones prequel release date, trailer, cast and everything you need to know


The White Walker origin story starts here.





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The Night King watched Jon dispatch one of his White Walker lieutenants at Hardhome. I don't think he was afraid of Jon, but he did appear to want to avoid a needless personal confrontation - thus the raising of Jon's dead comrades to stop him, and then Viserion's obsession with getting Jon.

Arya wasn't even on the Night King's radar, which gave her the perfect opportunity to surprise him, She certainly had the skills, training, and experience to get the job done.

Deep impression of these moments https://docsbay.net/the-11-biggest-moments-from-game-of-thrones

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