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Florian Thauvin


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The guy does actually look on fire this season to be fair.

Its always a bloody gamble buying any player which we have leaned only too well. But whats the option? not buy abyone? We could pay world record prices for someone only to find they dont suit the PL or want to go home in a huff.





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He's always been a talented player and his last season was also quite decent. Brilliant in tight sapces. But then again he flopped at Newcastle and does not really have the pace a real winger needs. I would love to have someone super direct with raw pace and the skill and decision-making to back it up. Thauvin has that one attribute that makes m e always go mad esp when Hazard or Willian do it too: He has the player beaten but then instead of shifting a gear up and breezing forward into the space they created for themselves they stop, shift the ball on their back foot allowing the opponent to recover and jus tpass the ball sideways. i fucking hate that, completely takes the sting out of every surprise attack.

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13 minutes ago, Rapkun said:

I'd much rather have Nicolas Pepe if we're looking in ligue 1. Besides, Marseille will not be looking to sell anyway.

Bro, the Nicolas Pepe guy looks a baller!!!

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1 hour ago, Vesper said:

TOTALLY! I so so so want him for our RW. He has true beast potential, and is strong and can stand up to EPL pounding. Arsenal want him BAD! So fucked if they grab him.:(

Yea, I saw all the Arsenal fans bragging on youtube. I hope they don't get him... Alonso will be fucked. Lol.

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