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Raheem Sterling, we salute you, it’s time to stand up to normalisation of racism


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Raheem SterlingIt’s not often I’ll turn on one of our own, but I’m about to. Odious behaviour. Prehistoric behaviour. It doesn’t sit with well with me. Alleged racial abuse from a Chelsea fan, if I should even call him that, associating such a cowardly individual with our great football club leaves me with a mouthful of […]

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If true they can piss right off. Pratt. He's been shown some media so if is the right guy won't be hard to identify.. Especially as unless brought elsewhere they can link seat numbers to person surely

And thing is what has it done for them? They'll be no doubt banned from the ground and whatever else follows. No need for it and has put the club/fans in a bad light again. 

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Sterling should be praised to the heavens for that post 100%. Hes hit the nail on the head regarding the media. Love him or hate him, England's best and argubaly biggest player standing up and voicing his concern regarding a huge issue such as bias against black footballers in the press is exactly whats needed.

It is disgraceful that another Chelsea fan has been involved in a racist incident as well, it paints the club in a bad image although the clubs not the most important thing here, the fact is that it is wrong for any sportsman/sportswoman to be abused because their skin colour is different than somebody elses and this has to change. I hope that the club and the police do the right thing. 

Also regarding the media I think its a joke the way theyve scrutinized Sterling since he broke onto the scene with Liverpool. The guys just a regular bloke, fair enough because of his profession, where the moneys crazy gets paid millions per year, they tend to forget that hes just a person. English press should be positive with a guy like Sterling, he is great (Id say most inform player in the PL at current and undoubtly Englands best player) and is potentiality a player that could be decisive for the future of the England football national team. Do you think Argentinian, Portuguese, Belgian or Brazilian media scrutinize their crown jewels (Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard or Neymar) on a regular basis over nothing? Absolutely not. There is 100% a race issue with various sectors of the media in England. Sterling can be the equivilent of those players for England, maybe not that exact level but he could be that iconic player for this current generation of English players.

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