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Who’s right, Ferguson or Scolari?


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Seven booked. Who’s right, Ferguson or Scolari?

In the Chelsea against Manchester United game yesterday, United had seven players booked. That will trigger an automatic FA investigation. The two managers saw the referees performance and in particular the handing out of cards, in a very different way.

Sir Alex Ferguson said, “It was a competitive game but I did not think there was one bad tackle in it. People are saying what is going on here but it is difficult to say anything about the referee. I do not want to get involved.”

Luiz Felipe Scolari said, “That is what the referee is there for. If players do not respect him, it should be yellow and red cards. It doesn’t matter who you are - Liverpool or Manchester United, whoever.”

Who has got it right, Ferguson or Scolari?

I think most of Manures yellows were for persistent fouling and back chat.

Funny that Fergie doesnt want to comment as he knows they we intent on kicking us from the start, which I picked up on in the match thread.

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I thought Man you were flying in quite a bit with their tackles. It wasn't the dirtiest game i have ever seen but they were also being very petulant. Neville was lucky Ballack is very honest or he would have been off for sure!

Overal i would say Man you's yellows were pretty much fully deserved.

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It wasnt a dirty game but saying there wasnt one bad tackle? i mean fucking hell look at rooneys tackle on Ashley cole that set up our goal, blatant yellow lol. Some yellows were deserved and some werent. I reckon at least 4 or 5 deserved yellows, some were a bit pety in truth. Neville wouldve gone if Ballack had gone down and he wouldve deserved to be sent off for it. I was cussing Ballack at my TV when he stayed up lol but the ref shouldve gven the FK anyway.

Riley was awful tho, FK every 2 mins for fuck all. He made the game into stop start stop start bollocks.

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Riley didnt have the balls to let us have a game and the way he was dishing cards out you'd have thought United were armed - bloody joke. Some were deserved, but 7? Not a chance. Officialdom gone mad.

Fair play to Ballack because there aint many players as honest as that.

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Of course they won't be bothered about the fine but its the accumulative effect over the course of a season. Quite apart from that though, that had the potential to be a much better game without a dickhead as a ref.

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