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Welcome Ronaldo

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Fucking LOVE it.

Of course it'd be for the money but isnt that what motivates most players these days? As for being a United LEGEND, I don't think he's been given that sort of status there - the vast majority know he's only temporary and are just enjoying it while it lasts, same as Real will next season. <_<

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I would hate it, definately.

He is a Man Utd Legend now pretty much and the only reason he'd come to us is for money.

The moment he joins us, he will be stripped off his Legend status at ManU and would be called a traitor.

Personally, i wouldnt like to see him in our team. I would anytime prefer KAKA over Ronaldo.

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I would absolutely hate it. I dont like the way he is and i dont like him. Hes a total complete cheat and makes football today look like a game for total pussies.

If Ronaldo joined us, i wouldnt sing any Ronaldo songs, i would barely even cheer if he scored for us. I absolutely hate the guy.

He may be a top class player but his cheating and his attitute makes him a top class cunt.

I would prefer Messi or Kaka anytime no doubt

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