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You can't put a price on Kenyon's horror


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You can't put a price on Kenyon's horror

Surely one thought could not fail to have amused even the most rabid critic of the foreign money-men as the Abu Dhabi crowd moved in.

The shock and horror on Peter Kenyon's face.

Imagine the whiteness of that smug gob at midnight on Monday. Not only had he screwed up the Robinho transfer (despite allowing the Brazilian's name to be printed on Chelsea shirts) and angered new boss Phil Scolari over the loss of his No.1 target.

Not only was it clear the best players in the world were no longer there to be cherry-picked at Chelsea's behest. Or that all those mercenaries he claimed went to Stamford Bridge for the challenge were merely doing what Robinho (and Kenyon himself) did. Heading for the biggest pay cheque.

But far more enjoyable was the dismantling of his claim that by 2014 Chelsea would be, without doubt, the biggest club in the world.

That Robinho transfer put his outrageously arrogant assertion about global domination into perspective. Right now Chelsea aren't even as big as Manchester City.

Their domestic success is roughly similar (Chelsea have won one more League title but the same amount of FA Cups) and despite winning the Cup Winners' Cup neither have won the European Cup. But Chelsea's gates are smaller, their stadium inferior and they are now 50 times poorer than City.

So what price Kenyon jumping ship and washing up at Eastlands then?

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I don't see how by Robinho going to another team means that we're not going to be the biggest team in the world by 2014. I think we're almost there already anyway.

I'll have some of what you're on :D

We're a million miles from being the biggest club in the world. 2014 was an unrealistic target. We've a hell of a lot to do before we can even think about calling ourselves that, as we've only really over the past few years started tapping into the Asian market on a level other clubs have been doing for years before us.

Kenyon does my tits in. I bet he was the kid in school who got his dinner money taken off him for being a knob.

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He's a marketing man . From Umbro to Chelsea it has been his remit to promote the ''brand''.

It shows how football has changed when a marketing executive accepts a Champions League medal from Platini.

Wouldnt be the least surprised if some dumb arab oil billionaire at Middle Eastlands offers him twice what Abramovich is paying him to promote ''Brand Man City''.

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