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Joe Cole: He's Not That Good.


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I'm more than open to discussion on this topic, so please don't just barrage me with countless posts of "You don't watch Chelsea"...e.t.c.

I thought at the start of last season he looked good under AG, his peak was probably the games surrounding Valencia away when he did that superb through ball for Didier at the Mestalla.

After the mid-point of last season and the few games we've had so far this season, I have found him infuriatingly inconsistent and sometimes downright ordinary.

I bring this point up mainly because I disagreed strongly with his being the Chelsea Fans Player of the Year Award. I felt that that Riccy and Ballack were far more deserving.

On a further note I would like to add that I am starting to see Joey play more and more centrally and is losing his tag as a winger because of it, which definitely harms him because we have so many better central players.

Joe Cole has had one (count them) outstanding season in a Chelsea shirt - the one before he got injured. Since then, he's had a few outstanding games, and very little else. The more step-overs he does, and the more times he flings himself to the ground in an outrageously bad dive, the less effective he becomes. Mourinho made him take responsibility on the field, whereas Grant let him slide back into excess.

I like Joe, and at times he can be very exciting to watch. However, he's gone back to being more show-pony than serious attacking threat, and that makes him extremely expendable. As for last season's POTY award, I can only assume that people were drunk when they voted.

From CFCnet

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Spot on. Most of last season he was shite, just had a few excellent games and a fair amount of outstanding moments of genius which covered over 89 minutes of doing fuck all in a match. As great as Joe is technically, he has those games where he just fades away and we're just carrying him through the match and its frustrating. Mourinho used him as an impact player from the bench, which is his best role IMO.

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Why's everyone slating Joe all of a sudden, give him a chance to settle into the season

They're talking about Joey's performance last season, not this season.

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Somewhy everybody was silent though before... Saying Joey deserved the award and all. And now all of a sudden... all I can say is people change their minds mighty fast.

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Sorry, but I have to disagree with that.

The points they've made are fair points, but saying he's turned into a show pony again overnight is stretching things. Last season he was the only player we could truely rely on to open up defences. We were too one dimensional with our play due to the lack of width.

Now with the arrival of Deco and we've seen already what an impact he's had on the side, we're trying a new style of play and atm Joe Cole doesnt seem to be getting the game time he would maybe like. People are maybe thinking that if Joe Cole was worthy of the POTY award then he would be in the side every week. We've so much depth in the midfield that its hard to pick who would be best to start.

He'd a stinker against Wigan, but the whole team were far from spectacular in that game. You dont become crap overnight. The boy has talent. Give him a break ffs, he cant be a world beater every game.

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He aint doing to bad tonight lol.And it aint like Androa are being the push over everyone thought (for some reason) get another lol

TBH I dont think he's that bad at all,ok slightly bias fav player but ok he has off moments but when he's on he's gooood

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Not true. What Jose expected, and demanded of Joe was that he show some discipline - such as tackling back after he'd lost the ball, and showing some judgement in when to go for it, and when to pass to a team mate instead. That it wasn't all about tricks and flicks. And it made Joe a much, much better player - as is evidenced by his form and effect during Jose's second season (coincidentally, Joe's best in a Chelsea shirt).

What Avram did, was to let Joe do what he liked, and forget about the discipline, and Joe's form and contribution to the team was poorer for it. He went back to being inconsistent - not good for the team, and not good for Joe. Forget the POTY voting - that was only a popularity vote, and no one's ever denied that Joe is popular (with good reason).

Well it shouldn't because most of the time Joe skates by with little, if any, criticism directed at him, whereas players like Drogba and Lampard cop plenty if their form even drops below 'perfect'. And really, is anyone here 'jumping all over' Joe? Don't think so.

I don't think that anyone questions Joe's commitment, or loyalty. And I'd imagine that most would acknowledge that yes, he is our most-talented forward (in terms of his creativity). He's also undeniably likable. What has been questioned about Joe is his consistency, and those (many) games where he indulges himself with mindless step-overs and tricks that lead to nothing - to the detriment of the team effort. There is an element of show-pony in Joe that needs to be harnessed for him to fulfill his potential. Mourinho managed to do it, but Grant failed. I hope that Scolari manages to put some of that back into Joe's game.

Of course. Is anyone saying that they don't? And when it comes off, it's great. But equally there are a lot of times when it comes to nothing because Joe takes on one-too-many defenders, tries one-too-many step-overs, and/or fails to see a better-placed team mate - and the opportunity goes begging.

Yes, he does. Wouldn't you like to see 'crucial' element of Joe's game deliver more end-product, more often? I would, but too often he flatters to deceive.

It certainly would be - but who's doing that? You say also that Joe isn't above criticism, but judging from many of the responses here, it seems that many think that he should be. I think the criticism of Joe is mild by comparison to other Chelsea players, and yet some seem to believe that even that's tantamount to heresy.

I can only guess that you must have missed them all....... :)

When you've stopped rolling your eyes, answer this: Do you think that what Joe did against Andorra, has any bearing at all on what's being discussed here?
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