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Transfer window 2018

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Not sure if this is the best thread for it, but I was thinking what is your opinion on new dates for PL clubs in summer window? 

As you know, usualy it starts on july 1st and ends on august 31th, but this year, new dates come with window opening tomorrow, on 17th May and closes on 9th august. 

Worth noticing, other leagues will have same old dates and they can buy players from PL even after window shuts down on 9th august. 

IMO nothing will change, except maybe for worse. As for early opening, players will probably wait till they get offers from other leagues to make final decision, so I doubt some big moves will happen before july 1st.

As for closing date, the main reason to change it was that clubs can prepare for games in peace, meaning window ends couple days before first PL game. BUT since the players can still leave, I doubt it will be peaceful at all, let say you lose your key player on 15th august and you cant get replacement until january. Only thing that will change is prices going up even more because PL teams will probably want double after window shuts down. 

Not realy a fan, unless you do the business realy realy early and then you have long preseason for players to adopt, but even then, most players will take some time off in may and june and you are in same spot as if you signed the man in july. 

For Chelsea, since we are realy bad in doing deals early, I just hope we got prepared for this summer or everyone we want will already be gone before we even enter the market 

Your thoughts?

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