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Robinho Not Worth €40m - Kenyon

the wes

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Chelsea’s chief executive Peter Kenyon has reportedly revealed that they were never going to land Robinho because the club does not believe he is worth the amount of money the Spanish giants were asking for.

Chelsea’s intense negotiations with Real Madrid for Robinho in the last few weeks of the transfer market failed to bear any fruit when Manchester City made a last minute swoop and captured the Brazilian for an upfront fee of €40 million.

Now, according to Spanish sports journal Marca, it has been revealed that Robinho was never going to head to Stamford Bridge, based on those merry-go-round talks between the two clubs.

When analysing the events that transpired on the final day of the transfer market, Peter Kenyon, the man Chelsea entrusted to orchestrate the move, reportedly admitted that “Robinho is not worth €40 million” and that “we were never going to arrive at that number”.

Real Madrid president Ramóand Calderóand had at one stage insisted Robinho is free to leave the Santiago Bernabéyou, provided any potential buyers can meet his asking price of €40 million.

Chelsea only allegedly went as high as €37 million, an offer which was blatantly shot down by the Madrid hierarchy. Manchester City, backed by their new Abu Dhabi-based investors/owners, eventually swooped in out of nowhere for the 24 year old by offering €40 million upfront plus another €2 million based on the player’s performances.


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So this report is saying that we offered €37m, which was turned down. Madrid would let him go for €40m, but we wouldn't pay that because we didn't feel he is worth that! Now i find that very hard to believe. Whilst i can understand if there was a huge different in valuation between us and Madrid - say €10m. But to not add €3m euros to the price and miss out on the player semms a bit silly.

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40M... never ... If he was another Zidane, why not, but he isn't.

Well Man City thought he was worth the Extra €3m. We was willing to pay £30m but not £32.5..... if that is honestly the case then we have been a bit silly if you ask me. But is it true? Would we have got him if we had only increased our bid by €3m - i doubt we will know for sure. No-one from the club is going to talk about this in the press

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Well I have always rated Robinho highly and IMO he is one of the best wingers, 3rd after Ronaldo and Messi ATM, and I think we should've increased our big by €3m. For Roman, that €3 millions is a joke, I'm sure. But Roman said in press he won't go any higher than €37 million and he just wanted to keep his word.

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Good..we dint budge in to the requests of those arrsholes.

and robinho, has also mentioned that the shirt selling incident along with the clubs refusal to meeet madrids asking price stalled his transfer.

Its high time we stand firm on our demands. I dont blame Kenyon for this.

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in todays market he is probably worth about £25m imo. £32.4 is going way overboard for someone who aint actually done fuck all yet really. Would someone worth that much really be not in favour with real madrid? well no. No1 is worth that money anyway but in todays corrupt football market, i would say hes worth between 20-25mill. no more.

The 30mill+ players are quite simply "The Best" like Kaka, Messi and dare i say Ronaldive because these players do it consistant every year and guarantee goals. Robinho probs averages about 10 goals a season and hes not been a regular in the team. To be worth 30m, you need to be playing fantastically pretty much every game. hes not even that consistant.

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Another hilarious episode from the legend himself!

What an idiot! Is that his excuse? With money no object in football anymore he would have been worth anything! If we would have got him, course he would have been worth 40€ million. This guy is a joke!

Good luck to Robinho at Man City, I haven't lost any respect for him or City!

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Guest Lampards Bitch

PMSL the guy is worth about 10 million max ATM. Come on he is'nt in the same league as Kaka, Messi etc YET. So what we were prepared to pay for him was way over the odds anyway IMO.

Real just didnt want us to have him I think.

And Ollie, Kalou isnt 'wank'.

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