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Pele: Robinho 'needs serious counselling'

the wes

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Brazil legend Pele believes Chelsea are fortunate to have missed out on Robinho because the player ‘needs some serious counselling’.

Robinho engineered a move out of Real Madrid after the club failed to offer him a new contract during the summer and had repeatedly stressed his desire to join Chelsea.

However, Madrid officials were unhappy with Chelsea for their part in the player’s actions and the clubs were unable to agree a fee for the player.

But, after the Abu Dhabi United Group agreed a club takeover, Manchester City swooped in on the final day to complete a £32.5 million deal and Pele feels the player has made a major mistake.

"Chelsea are lucky,” he said. “This boy needs some serious counselling.

“In my view he has been badly advised."

Robinho also faced criticism from his first club, Santos, who believe he has acted ‘disgracefully’ in recent weeks.

"This is one of the most disgraceful episodes in Brazilian football,” said club president Marcelo Teixeira.

"He is a player who is an idol to children – an example – but he has not acted like one."

Santos general manager Jose Fernandos added: "We are ashamed at having produced such a player."

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lol at pele and that santos gms quotes. They are right tho at whjat they are saying. Anyway, he had a choice, he didnt need to join a 2nd rate shit team like man city regardless how much money they have. He has just ruined his career. idiot. Someone bigger wouldve came in for him, even in january, any team in the world would want him. He goes to man city.... well lets see how it goes for him. bet he aint there after the world cup.

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It would have been his agent that persuaded the gangsta rap bwoy for all the dosh.

He had no choice to be fair to him. He messed up his stature at Real Madrid by going public about his differences with the board. He was booed by fans. He knew that he has to get out of that club at any cost now that he has messed up his relations with the club. And he was expecting to join Chelsea by doing so. But Madrid thought.."hmm lets teach this gangsta boi a lesson in life.." so they shunned Chelsea off and Gave Robinho 2 options. Join Manc City or Rot in Madrid for a year, take the boos, face the wrath of suporters and get isolated by your team mates. Which one would you prefer?.....Had I been in his place, I would have taken any offer that came my way.

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Whoever told him to go public wasnt the sharpest were they? If anything was going to piss Real off, that was. Still, once he'd made his bed he had to lie in it and like him, I'd have gone anywhere to get away from them scumbags.

As for the counselling, I'm sure his new club can afford it.

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