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SWP Rejoins Man City


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Never one to amble through a game imo, he always gave his all, even if his all wasn't quite the all needed and demanded by us the fans. But he was a very likable bloke and personally I wish him all the luck he deserves at Citeh. Cheers Shauny all the best little fella.

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He always played as tho he was under pressure and he showed a lot of nerves playing for a top 4 side expected to win every game. Very much like sheva, the price tag and expectations got the beter of them. Shauny had some great games but the pressure really did show. He gave his all tho, he gave 100% every match but i guess its the right time to go. hes completed 3 seasons and he probably wasnt gonna get any more consistant than he already is. He'll feel more free at city, they are allowed to actually lose a few and go years trophyess lol. The only reason we kept Malouda over him is probably the big game, big team, champions league expreience even tho he is an over rated lightweight with zero quality and mimimal effort.

Good luck at City Shauny. I wanna see the real SWP back and given a proper chance.

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liked him. gave it his all, but like ollie said seemed to always show the nerves...i think he has had enough chances to impress but didn't make it - but hey its not high school and not everyone passes....can't fault him for giving it a go and i hope he does well at city...

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Good luck to him. Moving down to a club the size of Man City was the right move for Shaun and the right move for us. It's a shame it never worked for him, but he's had enough chances now and we must look elsewhere.

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Ben Haim to score a hat-trick against us :lol:

When he's not knocking out one of his own team mates....and pull of some amazing wonder defending

SWP bettet not score against us thats all I can say lol

Least we wont have Ian going on and on and on about how we're bad for his career blah blah

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