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Fifa has ordered former Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu to pay the club £13.68m in damages for breach of contract after he tested positive for cocaine.

Chelsea signed the Romanian from Parma for £15m in 2003 but the following year he tested positive and was given a seven-month worldwide football ban.

Earlier in the year lawyer Cristian Sarbu said Fifa told Mutu to pay £9.6m but the fine was raised on appeal.

Chelsea said they were "delighted" by the ruling.

"This is a very significant decision for football," said a statement on the Chelsea website.

"Not only did the Dispute Resolution Chamber make us a very significant monetary award, it also recognised the damaging effect incidents involving drugs has on football and the responsibility we all have in this area."

Mutu can now appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.


There's some extra money to put towards Robinho.

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Being signed by clubs like Chelsea should be regarded as a privilege, if a player can't respect that fact and stick to the terms of a contract worth a substantial amount of money then he deserves everything he gets.

As for anyone who suggests we should be offering these players rehab, firstly, rehab isnt that successful as a rule and secondly, Mutu's behaviour after he'd been caught didn't exactly inspire the sort of confidence the club would need to take that option.

In short, he's a wanker. :D

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Blimey!...whats the world coming to when you cant do a line off an old brasses back. :whistling:


Hes a scapegoat, not just for CFC players but players throughout Europe.

With unlimited cash for 20 somethings, -comes fast cars, loads of easy women and ridiculously easy access to coke. Guaranteed loads of players were snorting regularly -they'll think twice now.

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What about Drug use?

And AIDS can be caused by Oral Sex too. May be they use condom for that tooo. :rolleyes:

the good ole dental damn....


those things a wretched...

Mutu messed up and now has to deal with the consequences. Does any1 know how they test? Is it blood, urine, or hair folicle?

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heard of Needles?

Hmm, never tried it like that :) Not sure any one has.

It used to be in loads of foods, drinks and medicines. But it became illegal. Its funny the drugs that do nothing for you -Alcohol, tobacco.......tttttthey TAX !

From ''Cocaine in General Products''

Cocaine was not always the white devil that it is known to be today. The drug derived from the leaves of the coca plant was used in a number of commercial products. Some of them make more sense than others, but no matter how you look at it, cocaine was viewed as a lucrative substance that could help sell a commodity.

Perhaps the most notoriously well-known product known to contain cocaine was none other than the Coca-Cola soft drink. Although the now giant company is a little shy to speak about its history of association with the psychoactive substance, the Coca-Cola Company used cocaine in its drink from its invention in 1886 up until 1903. Even after that time, the company still touted the supposed medicinal benefits of the popular carbonated beverage.

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