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John Terry


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Terry doubts Man Utd credentials

_44917953_terry_226_get.jpg Terry is confident Chelsea can win the Premier League title this season

John Terry believes Manchester United have reached their peak and Chelsea can regain the Premier League trophy.

United were European and domestic champions last term, with Chelsea runners-up, but the Blues' captain believes his side can raise their game.

"I don't think United have another level to go to," said Terry, whose side have a new manager this season in Brazil's Luiz Felipe Scolari.

"They had a lot of players at the peak of their form for the last two years."

Terry's comments come after United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said that the majority of Chelsea's squad had reached an age where they were unlikely to improve any further.

The Scot compared the current Stamford Bridge outfit to that of the Liverpool team of the early 1990s, who slipped into decline after their 1990 title triumph, and predicted that Chelsea are on the brink of a similar downturn.


But Terry has hit back and pinpointed several players at Old Trafford who he thinks will be unable to match their performances of last season.

They include Cristiano Ronaldo, whose 42-goal haul underpinned United's double success.

"Rio Ferdinand has been awesome for the last two years and Cristiano Ronaldo was unbelievable - I don't think you'll see that again," Terry said.

"Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Ryan Giggs - they have all been fantastic.

"I think we can close the gap because Man United were at the very top of their game last season.

"But we've been very close to them and we had injuries and a change of manager."

Terry says he has been impressed with the business Scolari has conducted during the transfer window.

He also believes a good start will be key if they are to wrestle the title from United, who arguably face a tougher start in their Premier League defence.

"The new manager has come in and made a few changes. He's made some great signings. Deco looks awesome so I'm excited to see him play," Terry said.

"We need to start well and get off to a flyer, just keep winning.

"Man United have a few tough games early on. Liverpool have made some good signings and will be stronger this year. We need to focus. "We have a good home record and if we can continue that and get off to a good start we'll be all right."


I would normally be wary of tempting fate -but have to agree with the big man.

Last season they pipped us by two points on the last day. According to Ferguson the ManUtd team was ''The best United team ever''. Theres no way Riverdance will get 42 goals this season, defenders know his dance steps now

Meanwhile we had a fat useless fuck floundering with semaphore as inspiration -see Franks (Oxford Blue) sig.

The dangers are to take the eyes off the prize, and off other contenders -not just the gooners and scallies -but yer Portsmouths, Evertons etc who are capable of nicking points.

Champions come May.....

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agree with you there FB - i dont like to tempt fate either but can't wait for this campaign to start

i mean really - utd fans brag about last season and they won the prem on the LAST DAY with the best squad he's ever had *i know that people will say they still won* but imagine if we were playing with our best squad how far ahead we woulda been

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Yup agree with that. But if Man you do sign Berbatov then that will make them more of a threat upfront which is somewhere they were lacking which was why Ronaldo was SO important to them last season....

I think this season will be a big one for us. Scolari has the players completely focused and ready to go out to win every game we play in. A lot of teams have improved considerably this season, i can't see anyone else getting close to the top 4 but some teams will be a much tougher prospect.

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Yup agree with that. But if Man you do sign Berbatov then that will make them more of a threat upfront which is somewhere they were lacking which was why Ronaldo was SO important to them last season....

I agree with the point about Berbatov. I was feeling quietly confident about next season without them signing him but now its looking more likely, I have to say that unnerves me.

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Guest Lampards Bitch

Berba still trained with Spurs today but I guess that doesnt mean much. I feel very confident about the season ahead. The air of unity and winners is back. It never really went away but after having a twat at a manager last season in Grant the lads got a bit deflated! Now Scolari has gotten back that mentality.

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I completely agree with JT, I think we are on the verge of our most successful season ever.

But if the Mancs do sign Berbatov they will deffinately be a serious threat to us.

Cant really see much coming from Arsenal this season, they have too many youngsters without the experience for a serious title challenge.

As for Liverpool, well after seeing them tonight, I wouldn't worry about them being a threat to us one little bit, they were absolutely shocking tonight.

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Manure have basically stood still.

We've fixed all our problems from last year and have improved vastly.




For us to be in such a state last year and pushing "the best Manure team Fergie has had ever" all the way, this surely has to give the lads the confidence we can go one step further in one or both of those competitions.

I know you should never write them off, but I havent been as confident going into a season for a while now.

Lets bring home the bacon :blue scalf:

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Yup agree with that. But if Man you do sign Berbatov then that will make them more of a threat upfront which is somewhere they were lacking which was why Ronaldo was SO important to them last season....

Berbatov was what he was because of Robby Keane. I am more worried about Torres than Berbatov irrespective to where he plays. Manchester United plays around Ronaldo. Most balls are played to Ronaldo in the attack. In Spurs most balls were played to Berbatov just like In Chelsea where the play is centered around Lampard.

I dont care who Manchester United Sign......Honeslty!!!

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