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Scolari wants us "loved"


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Luiz Felipe Scolari claims he has no idea why nobody likes Chelsea, and his ambition is to make his new club 'loved'.

After aiming a sly comment at Jose Mourinho - claiming he is more modest than his predecessor - the Brazilian told of how he wants to improve the image of his club across the globe.

Scolari said: "I want to make Chelsea loved around the world, like Barcelona and Manchester United.

"It's a surprise when people say Chelsea are unpopular because, when we went to China, they cried for Chelsea. They loved Chelsea.

"It's a big surprise people don't like us in England. But Chelsea is a club that is a growing name. Before it was Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan.

"Our history is not the same and you can't make history in two, three or even 10 years, but maybe in 20 or 50 years Chelsea will be on that level."

Those words will no doubt delight Roman Abramovich and Peter Kenyon, who respectively want an attractive, free-flowing and attacking Chelsea side, and wish to grow the club's 'brand' across the world to rival the likes of United and Real.

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Well all it takes is the media on your side. Jose worked the media, sometimes in went in our favour sometimes it didn't. He is doing the same in Italy now, already generating controversy :) . Avram on the other hand generated his own bad press mainly because he was a useless twat who more closley resembled a potato than a football manager.

The current "buzz-word" around football at the moment is "attractive football" if you play it you are applauded.

At the end of the day what we as fans want to see is our club being successful, it doesn't matter in reality if other teams supporters like us or not...

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i agree

it will be a mission to make people "love" us and really who cares if anyone else does

i love my club and dont like others - United playing attractive football doens't make me love them so i dont see how that'll work for us either

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I don't care what others think of us, successful clubs are always hated and us even more so because of the money we have.

Like Yougs said I love my club and dont really care about other clubs tbh.

Other fans are just bitter

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At the end of the day what we as fans want to see is our club being successful, it doesn't matter in reality if other teams supporters like us or not...

Exactly, I'll take the Premier title and a bunch of 1-nil victories anyday. "If you want entertainment go and watch clowns." I don't care about other clubs and their supporters.

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Manchester United = loved ?

i don´t think so.

.... i love to be not loved by everyone ;)

like Man you.

so, if Scolari wants it to be like that....he should try, but i think it is sense-less

just the fact that Roman bought Chelsea is a reason for so many to hate CFC...

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Read the whole interview and I'm starting to like Scolari a whole lot more. No promises of how 'special' he is and what he's going to win, just a dead honest bloke who's gonna give it his best shot. Kenyon's made muppets out of the club and if Scolari can cool at least some of that down its a step in the right direction.

Personally, its never been the fact we're hated that bothers me - more the fact that a lot of the criticism is valid.

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Who gives a flying plimsole wether we are loved or not.

I have supported Chelsea for nigh on 40 years and every cunt has hated for one reason or another, so I dont give a monkeys what they think of us. chumps!

CAREFREE! :blue scalf:

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