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Álvaro Morata

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Fucking hell this thread has become pathetic. 

The conditions couldn't have been worse for a debut performance. But he gave Chelsea fans something to be positive about. Well done, son.

This thread is beyond pathetic. People are actually calling him Torres #2 for 20 minutes of play where he was completely isolated upfront and a penalty he missed. What would you expect Morata to do in

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29 minutes ago, manpe said:

Our medical dept. can pull miracles, why not this time also.

No Eva. No party. :ph34r:

Not sure why he took down that harmless tweet though.

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10 hours ago, Jason said:

Gotta pray that he's actually back okay and not we're trying to rush him back. Last thing we need is him having a more serious injury.

Hopefully he’s not rushing him back. He was patient with Hazard but he had a worse injury fair enough but even then I have a feeling Conte might risk Morata even if he’s not ready because the alternative options aren’t great. It could be a bad move or maybe Spain just shat the bed regarding the injury and it’s nowhere near as bad as they thought. Anyway all I know is we need Morata back fully fit and in the team.

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Appreciate that Morata willing to put himself about and don't want to criticize him too much since he just came back from injury and is still new to the league etc but could really do with him getting stronger on the ball and not do any of the silly stuff that Costa used to do - getting into the little tussles, looking more interested to win fouls etc. Should focus on what he does best.

On a side note, wonder what is he thinking about the "nonsense" quality he's seeing at the club. Played with some of the best players at Real Madrid and Juventus and then there are a whole of bunch of duds here.

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Feels like back to square one since he came back from injury.

During the Stoke and Atleti games he showed great strength and power in holding the ball up and linking up, looks like after the injury he'll need to find his feet again.

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He is definately way too soft and his finishing is realy inconsistent. Scores some beautiful goals, but misses simple ones. 

He definately has good technique and channels realy well, but will need to bulk up/get more agressive if he wants to dominate this league. 

But he had few injuries too, he will improve once he gets to play few months in a row.

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