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If a Winger is to be sold - who should it be?

If a Winger is to be sold - who should it be?  

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  1. 1. If a Winger is to be sold - who should it be?

    • Wright-Phillips!
    • Malouda!
    • Too Tight to Call!

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On current form I'd keep Malouda and get rid of SWP.

Several weeks ago I'd have got rid of both of them, but Malouda has started off this season really strong. He's had 2 good performances under his belt already and his confidence will be soaring.

SWP on the other hand has failed to deliver time and time again. Even against Ghengdu Blades the other day, he was virtually anonymous, OK he layed on Anelka for the first, but a player with SWP's "ability" should be tearing teams like that in half. Look at the effect Joe Cole had when he came on.....says enough really.

SWP will only be a bit part player, and he hasnt got the impact to come on and change games no matter what his daddy says :rolleyes:

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Time for SWP to go, he's struggled at Chelsea and i feel bad for him.

Malouda is so frustrating he gives the ball away so easily but i'd give him one more season. I hope he can make it count

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Malouda started off well last season but then got injured and seemed to loose all confidents and it looked as if he couldnt be arsed.

At times i watch SWP and think "play the easy ball" and he'll do the opposite, hitting it to long to no one. Its so frustrating and he keeps doing it time after time. Yeh fair play he set Anelka up last match but i can think of at least 4 or 5 times he made sloppy passes.

If Malouda looks up for it in the remander on pre season then id have to get ride of SWP.

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Well...Scolari has mentioned today that he wants SWP to stay. He said that he liked him. So that automatically puts Malouda out of the team. He is on his way to Roma. But my personal opinion would be to keep Malouda and sell SWP.

And for those who are getting excited by seeing Malouda's form in the 2 pre season games against those exhibition teams, I would say, DO NOT get too excited. Remeber Malouda's goal in Community Sheild against Man Utd and Sheva's Finish against Liverpool in the same sheild 2 years bck?. Both wwent on to be huge flops.

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Well when you look at it Malouda has played well at the highest levels of footie, he didn't have a good season with us last year at all, however it is clear that he can certainly improve on what he did last year. SWP on the other hand has had plenty of time to establish himself as a top player and has consistantly underachieved. If only 1 of them is to go then it has to be Wright-Phillips...

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Both wingers seem to have done alright in pre-season so far. I wouldn't be too upset if we kept them both, but if we do bring in Robinho one of them has to go and I'd prefer it to be Shauny just because he's been here longer and not proven himself whereas I'm willing to give Malouda the benefit of the doubt over last season.

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Wow this is tough one, I picked Malouda to go and Small Wright-Phillips to stay. SWP has heart and years of training and playing with the rest of the lads. Malouda often looks unaggressive, and lacks the heart required to play in the EPL (I would love to see this change, but you never know).

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