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Ferguson starts his Altzeimers Games

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Ferguson taunts Scolari: You will never be as good as Mourinho

0ABDC12F-9E24-EF04-3DDB309E689A42E9.jpg Sir Alex Ferguson (73 year old wino)

Sir Alex Ferguson has taunted new Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari - by telling him he has no chance of matching Jose Mourinho.

The Manchester United boss fired the first psychological shots before the new Premier League season by writing off Chelsea's chances of success under their new manager.

"I'm not concerned about Chelsea," said Fergie. "There's no-one who can improve on Mourinho's record. He won the title two years in a row and beat us in the FA Cup Final. Scolari would have to go beyond Mourinho's performance to worry us."

Fergie also cast doubt on the ex-Brazil and Portugal coach's ability to communicate properly with his Chelsea players, questioning the 60-year-old's command of English.

And Fergie branded Chelsea an ageing team whose best days are behind them.

"I don't know how far that team has got to go," he said. "It's hard to see where there's going to be a big improvement with a team like Chelsea that's really very experienced.

"It's hard to seem them accelerating beyond what they've done up to now. When you see the ages they've got, apart from Salomon Kalou, you have the likes of Michael Ballack, who is 32.

"I'm not necessarily saying they're old, because with modern training methods you should be playing in your 30s. What I'm saying is that I don't see outstanding progress from a team in their 30s.

"Scolari has managed a lot of clubs so he's experienced, which is one thing he has in his favour.

"He's managed Brazil and won theWorld Cup with them, and been in charge of Portugal.

"But I don't think he even speaks English, does he?"

Fergie is much more wary of Liverpool and Arsenal.

He added: "I wouldn't write off Liverpool or Arsenal.

"What Arsenal achieved last season has been understated, because they got injuries at a bad time. Who's to say that it wouldn't have been closer if Arsene Wenger had kept his players fit?"


Edwin Van Saar is 11 years older than Cech, Rio 'druggy' Ferdinand older than Terry, its pointless asking the greedy old pisshead to get a grip.......

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Michael Essien believes Chelsea are the clear favourites to win the Premier League trophy this season.

Despite a change of manager following the arrival Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Ghana ace is confident in his team-mates ability to reclaim their title crown.

With Deco joining the likes of Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard in Blues' star-studded midfielder, Essien believes Chelsea are the only real contenders to lift the coveted trophy come next May.

The former Lyon ace wants his colleges to forget the disappointment of missing out to Manchester United last year and simply concentrate on getting things right this season.

Only contenders

"We've got the best players in the world at Chelsea and by next May will be the only team in contention. Chelsea will win the title this year," claimed Essien in The Sun.

"Players like Ballack, Lampard and Deco are world class. It is to our advantage that we have so many players who have achieved so much.

"As you can see in training or during the games, they can always change the games. They have a winning mentality so it's going to be good for us.

"Hopefully this year we will win more trophies. Last year was unlucky for us, these things happen in football but you just have to forget about it."

Sky sports

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Fergie is an old drunk who thinks he is playing "mind games".....

We did enough to worry him last season with a buffoon in charge! This season we will be better prepared and ready to take back our Premiership title. I really hope that Fergie is underestimating us, but i doubt it....

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"Scolari would have to go beyond Mourinho's performance to worry us."

The Special Needs One had you shitting in your pants, you impotent old wretch. Imagine what a qualified manager will do to your team of bum-chums.

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"Scolari would have to go beyond Mourinho's performance to worry us."

The Special Needs One had you shitting in your pants, you impotent old wretch. Imagine what a qualified manager will do to your team of bum-chums.

Yes that comment i found quite odd also. Not only because of last season but also why would Scolari have to win 2 Prem Titles and a Carling Cup to worry Fergie. If we are running them all the way in all comps then that will worry him enough before we win a single cup under Scolari.

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When you consider the state we were in last season, what with key personnel missing and with the tub of lard in charge, along with how close we ran the Manchester/Yank franchise in the league and CL.... you have to ask yourself is he shitting himself ... and not just from the usual incontinence ?

Just concentrate on keeping Ron 'ladyboy' aldo sweet, old man.

Although, to be fair hes doing a sterling team talk for CFC, and he's already motivated Essien with his incoherent ramblings...

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Ferguson is the master of his own downfall. First of all, we came so close to winning three trophies last year. That alone will spur the team on. But these comments mean he is digging his own grave. Man you have a lot to answer for, but first of all its time for them to give us our Premier League trophy back.

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Ferdinand, Scholes, Giggs, Van der Saar and a couple I must forget also are not that young anymore ! This fucking Scottish drunkard is a reason more to hate Man Utd. I hope Scolari will prove him wrong and that we gonna bring back the EPL trophy at the Bridge... Finaly, I hope Ronaldogay will fuck off to Real Madrid so Ferguson gonna shit even much more in his trousers...

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