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Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers & Fat Freddys Cat


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Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers & Fat Freddys Cat Comics

If anyone would like the complete set of 13 FFFB's and 7 FFC then Ive put them onto my Meiafire account to download.

The Freak Brothers are in CDisplay format which is used by the reader Ive added into the download. Piece of piss to install. Takes 10 seconds. And FFC are in Adobe Acrobat which is even easier.


1. The comics pluss the reader are in a WinZip file that you download here. The files almost 200MB so takes a couple of mins to download.


2. Using Winzip (I assume you all know how to unzip a file) Save them to the Library you want. They come out all together in a single folder with comic reader included.

3. Install the Comic reader application. - Just Right Click on file and select OPEN.

4. It asks you where to install it. I just stick it in my C:Disj X(86) 32bit drive. It takes just a few seconds

5. After it installs it opens (but you can have it closed and open it whenever)

6. Using the top toolbar select FILE then LOAD FILE - Then just Browse to the place on your disk where you saved the comics. Select the comic you want to read and it opens up - Read Comic 

7. You can close it whenever you want - just use the Program Iicon and open it like you do any other prog on yer comp.


The Fat Freddys Cat Comics are on a different format

They are on Adobe Acrobat which is a common popular format and easy to use.

Download and install ACROBAT DC here if you dont have it already - it takes seconds. https://acrobat.adobe.com/uk/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

1, The comivs are on a zipfile like above - again its a big hile 200MB so takes a couple of mins  http://www.mediafire.com/file/gp5kx6nk5c5eww1/Fat+Freddys+Cat.zip

2. Unzip/Extract Files to where you want to save them. All the comics are in 1 folder.

3. Goto the comic you want - Right Click on it - select OPEN WITH ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC

4. Read comic


You really shouldn't have any problems guys but if ya do just gimme a shout and I'll do ya a screenshot or summet.

Ive had the comics years like alot of us and they still crack me up.

Hope you like them.

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