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Alex Sandro

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5 minutes ago, RoyalBlues said:

Looks like they will go far again in CL next season. Serie A and domestic cup titles will be like a walk in the park for them.

How many more Champions league finals will they lose I wonder.

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6 minutes ago, Polo7 said:

How many more Champions league finals will they lose I wonder.

Having fully focused in one competition really helps a lot, Bayern and Juventus in CL.

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25 minutes ago, zekinjo said:

Exciting times.....


The only one out of these remotely possible is Llorente. I suggest you forget about the others (especially Sandro) to avoid major disappointment.

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Sandro is still realistic. There are plenty of reasons why it is dragging on. It could be Juve trying to make him sign a new contract, could be Matic being negotiated into a deal, could be Juve demanding time to find a replacement first, could be fee negotiations etc. 
These type of deals can take a really long time. 

There are many factors that reinforce pessimistic thinking here true, but also keep in mind the ones that give reason for optimism:
1. All our LWB rumours have involved Sandro, up to this very day.
2. Sandro has not signed a new contract.
3. Juve wants Matic.

Does this mean that we get Sandro? No, but it indicates that there is still a good chance of it. 

EDIT: ok, all the bullet points disappeared for some reason. 

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Sandro should be our top target before the season starts- followed by a RWB, then a RW and thats me happy

Would have liked Van Dijk before we got Rudiger but seem stacked at CB now

Don't even think we need a 3rd striker (Llorente mentioned) last season we played a false 9 when needed + we have Morata + Bats competed for 2 places. Remy seems happy enough to earn a wage for doing nothing keep him if there panic  over wanted a 3rd striker.

If we want a cutting edge pushing for PL +CL we should look at adding a top class RW to have a scary good top 3- someone of Sanchez ilk - although unrealistic i know 


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I was confident earlier in the summer that we could get him but the longer it goes the less likely it is. They won't be able to buy a replacement of similar quality in time. Not only that, but even if they did identify a replacement they'd be held to ransom due to the enormous sum they'd have just received.

Just think this is impossible now.

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9 minutes ago, Special Juan said:

It needs to happen, I hope to god it does, we so need a world class LB.

We do but I'd still argue we need a class RB first Moses is mid table at best.

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