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Fernando Llorente

Captain Ahmed

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Fernando Llorente(Swansea City)

Position:Striker - Centre-Forward




Date of birth: Feb 26,1985 

Contract until:30.06.2018



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12 minutes ago, Marvin123 said:

JFernando Llorente & Conte could be reunited at Chelsea. With Batshuayi possibly joining #WHUFC or #CPFC on loan (via @DiMarzio) #CFC

As should. If Bats can't hardly get game time he should go on loan. 

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Fun fact: his full name is Fernando Javier Llorente Torres. 


So basically he's Fernando Torres. Do we really wanna go through that again? :P


Joking aside, Conte knows better, so if he sees something in any player I'll put my faith in that player.

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This is a stupid move. Reminds me of the business we've done in the past few seasons that I thought we were now past doing. Like Falcao, Pato, Cuadrado. Someone who was really good elsewhere a while ago but is just a super short term stopgap. I predict he'll come here, get a handful of sub appearances, and be gone in the summer having done nothing at all like the players I just mentioned.

If he comes in it'll be 100% confirmation that Batshuayi wasn't a Conte signing and he doesn't fit in his preferred system. 

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I really hope this is bollox but the problem is it smells real.

Buying a 31 year old striker when we are trying (I hope) to get rid of our older players.

But its plain as the nose on yer face Conte didn't ask for Bats and toitally has no faith/trust in him. If hes not got him to PL status now after 7 solid months of daily training he wont do.

So if Conte is going to spunk £10mil on a player to use on rare occasions who is already PL broken that he knows already then fuck it, do it.

I just hope he doesn't see him as our future and has his sights aimed at Sanchez level.

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£33m for a striker who scored 17 in France last season and we may loan him. 

Then bring in a 31 year old who hasn't looked class in a couple of years now and isn't even pulling up tress at Swansea.

I trust Conte, but this seems like absolute madness. 

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I could understand if you were convinced Diego would play/start every game for the rest of the season, Llorente is a good plan B in games where we're losing and just need a good header of the ball in the box. But how can we be sure Diego doesn't get hurt tomorrow or get suspended? Gotta keep Michy in this situation imo.

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