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Yerry Mina


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Young Colombian centre-back who plays for Palmeiras in Brazil (same team as Gabriel Jesus). He has extreme potential and we really should invest in someone like him instead of trying to spend 30mi+ on any markee name. Id say around 10mi Euros would be enough to lure him away.

Mina is already on the starting 11 of his national team and he just won the Brazilian League. So, despite his young age he has already achieved a lot.

I dont expect anyone to know him or to believe in me. However, those who remember my times online on the forums will remember how I was the first to talk about several players way before they exploded (Neymar, Falcao, Ozil, Gabriel Jesus, etc); and I am telling you Yerry Mina will be one of the best CBs in the world.

Also, although being only 21, he is ready to start for any top European club. He only needs a chance. He is way better than any CB we have (imo)...


EDIT: The only downsize would be that he just finished an entire season in Brazil (our football calendar follows the yearly calendar, so offseason between December and February). So he would need a private pre-season like Pato did.

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Oooh, since I am on my phone and I literally just had this idea. I couldnt search for photos or videos of him, so if anyone is on the PC and could help our fellow members to know more about him, Id apreciate!

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