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Jose Mourinho Then & Now


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It certainly wasn’t the Chelsea reunion Jose Mourinho had in mind. Sitting in the away dug-out at Stamford Bridge for the first time since his two-year spell as manager at Inter Milan, the Portuguese watched on in shocked disbelief as his pedestrian Manchester United side were torn apart by wave after wave of attacking pressure […]

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I will always be gratefull to the old boy for achievimg what we did together but he is mow one of our apponents managers and is mot our comcern amymore.

But yes youre right. WE have seen all his tricks and antics before ands while they were funny and amusing for awhile they soon got boring and now I think hes just making himself look sad and daft.

Im sure most of us thought the combination of United,Mou with a blank checkbook would mean they would steamroll over the rest of us  but we have shown that a manager with a new approach,fresh ideas and a friendlly character to all  as well as alot of hard work can yake a team from their worse season for many years to leaders of the league with most of the top managers in it.

I dunno what Mous problems are, theres probab;y many, but to ber honest Im quite enjoting watching them implode after the years of grief and piss taking their supporters have given us for having him as our manager.

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