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Man City v Chelsea


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Nah, a draw is best result we can get at the Emptihad. 


Last game against Spurs was pretty poor imho. Oh and the Boro game wasn't that good either. 

Really hope we can expose Pep as a fraud but still think he'll have the edge in this game. Suspect KdB to be on fire because of us being Chelsea...and Thibaut for nicking his girl. 

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It amazes me just how little faith some have in the lads!!

OK Its Shitty. OK its Pep. Big fuckin deal.

We are playing out of our skins and have met every challenge thrown at us.

I wanted to see just how we would handle being a goal down to a good team. Well we did our job. Might not have been pretry and maybe it mighta been better if a couple of the lads joined in and helped more or we had a bit more luck with scoring. But we dug deep and came back to win!

I owe Costa a big appology. Never in a miillion years did I expect him not to get booked at Spuds. They tried fuckin hard from early on to rattle him and a Diego from any other year woulda been bringing blood up. But hes been excellent. A totally reformrd,changed,better player and I love the guy. I hope he wipes the floor with Aquero.

Shity beat Burnley 1-2 yesterday. We beat them 3-0 even before we changed formation.

Yeah it will be a good test but one I see us winning.

Think I'm going up the night before and go clubbing for the night. Saves on hotels.

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I just imagine that Hazard will fuck Zabalata again.  Oh dear Lord. And their dont have such good defence like Spurs so i can see Costa/Hazard scores 2 or more for us. And Pedro, that fucking little lad is amazing and so shrewd so he can does something unexpectable. And Moses... we can surprise them.
From the other hand we have Kante&Matić in middle so Kevin must watch out. Dave is outstanding so far, Luiz is pure wall and Cahill.

Only Aguero is big big big danger  for us. :/

For me we can win it 3-1.

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Surprised at the confidence, but I guess it's assumed given the run of form we've been on. Still, they're only 1 point behind at this point so, for me, it's anything but a done deal. They have the quality for a quick goal, which can be the difference.

At least it's good to no longer dread this match-up.

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If we get stuck in our own half like against Spurs we will be fucked but when we get Moses and Alonso higher up the park our formation can cause them issues and especially against a team like City imo who have players who are prone to an error at the back (Stones, Bravo and although he's improved from last year, Otamendi). Really will be interesting do we go at them and press them high up or are we going to sit off? I hope we press them, especially considering those players at the back who will be ordered to play out as often as possible. Should be an interesting game regardless. City will have a lot of the ball at times and when you consider 4 or 5 of Toure, Gundogan, Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva and Aguero likely to be playing they don't need any gifts.

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15 hours ago, cosmicway said:

I believe City will give up the ghost, just like Arsenal-Spurs-Utd already have more or less.
It's between us and the Scousers.


Chill bro. There is a loooong way to go yet! 

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