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Development squad a.k.a. Senior training

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So as you probably know we made a very interesting but probably also a bit questionable decision during the weekend when our development u23 team played a match. Development team which featured many senior players.

We fielded this team; Eduardo, Terry, Zouma, Tomori, Dabo, Aina, Cesc, Van Ginkel, Batshuayi, Mount, Solanke

So. Was it a masterstroke from our board or was there injustice to our youth players? 

I mean, development squad is meant for our young players to improve and occasionaly for one or two seniors to recover from injury. But we fielded 6 players who are our seniors. 

Personaly I cant clear my mind. I have never seen such foxy trick in long time, it was probably all Contes work. To play those who dont play much to gain fitness and improve tactics by using u23 games is definately a clever thing. This way we keep bench healthy and ready for action. Now if Conte rotated a bit, this wouldnt be neccessary, but since we play the very same 11 for past 6 games (and if they remain good and fit, for rest of the season sure). This means, with no europe and cups (until Fa cup), bench wont get more than few minutes. And it could get very dangerous if injuries occur. 

So yes, from this perspective, all kudos to Conte and co. On another note, Zouma and youngsters (at least those who play) can learn even more from the more experienced players on pitch. Brilliant. If Terry remains here and accepts this kind of role to play these games and instruct youth, it would be brilliant. 

But then comes the question of controversy. Is it right that we give spots meant for young players to seniors? Doing this, we show clearly that we keep young lads in second plan. It was just a game, but what if this trend continues and we play seniors more or less all the time?  

Do you support it or not? 

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I see it as a positive thing for now. They're playing in the 3-4-3 formation and so that helps the players he feels haven't been able to adapt to this (like Cesc, Terry, Michy) to be allowed to find their feet in it without the stakes of a high pressure game. 

So long as it's not a regular thing which iirc it isn't, I find no fault with this. It's also good for Zouma to be playing with the players he'll expect to be joining in the first team too.

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I also think it is a positive, it is important for the younger players to learn from the veterans as @BlueLyon mentioned. We are always begging to incorporate youth with our senior players and this is a really good way to do it. I was pleasantly surprised when i saw the lineup and followed along on twitter. Also a nice little confidence boost for Bats, playing once in awhile and scoring some goals can only be a positive thing. 

I wouldnt mind seeing Bats, RLC, Aina, Solanke, Zouma, Van Ginkel play for them more often.

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