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Alejandro Grimaldo

Captain Ahmed

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Alejandro Grimaldo(Benfica)



Height:1,71 m


Date of birth:Sep 20, 1995                                                                           

Contract until:30.06.2021


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Unless The Don dopes something that we haven't had one do since I cant remember wgich is to USE a 19 year old transferred in into the 1st team instead of going onto the loanagoround then I can see why we would get excited. But he does look interesting.

Fron what I read Mounure has as much as signed him.

But that report does say we werte 1 of 11 Eng clubs lookinng at 4 players uncluding Victor Lindelof, Alex Grimaldo, Eduardo Salvio ,

Style of Play, Strengths, and Weaknesses

Goncalo Guedes plays a lot like most of the best wingers in the world play. It all starts with passing and setting up his teammates for Guedes, and then come the goals. In the Primeira Liga, Guedes has 4 assists in only 8 games this season, and last season he had an astounding 14 assists in 33 games for Benfica B. The 4 assists this season is a very impressive total for any player, especially when you factor in that Guedes has only played in 3 full games this season, and only started 6 times. Guedes’ ability to set up his teammates from the wing at a remarkable rate make him almost impossible to keep out of the lineup.


The key to Guedes’ great passing ability is his awareness. He always knows where his teammates are on the pitch, which has helped him set up a Jonas tap-in in front of the goal this season, and an open long shot for Anderson Talisca which he scored on. In both instances, Guedes found open teammates even though he hardly even looked at them before delivering the ball. Besides being a great passer, Guedes is a great dribbler as well. Dribbling ability is something that all of the best wingers in the world possess, and Guedes constantly shows his ability to keep the ball and dribble by players. When setting up the goal by Jonas, Guedes dribbled by the right back before finding Jonas for the easy tap-in.

His dribbling abilities allow for Benfica to maintain the large amount of possession they generally have in league matches. Guedes constantly dribbles past defenders on the wing to get a cross in the box or just to maintain possession. His ability to keep the ball is another reason why he’s played so much this season for an 18 year old. Besides being a great passer and an elusive dribbler, Guedes is has a good shot and is usually getting amongst the goals. He had 8 goals in 34 games last season, and this season already has 3 goals in the Primeira Liga, while he also has a goal in the Champions League. Most of Guedes’ goals are from shots in between the 18 yard box and the 6 yard box. Being able to convert chances in the box is a quality that Guedes definitely presents.

His goal against Atletico Madrid was a great example of this, as he used his elusiveness to get through the defence and then he finished off the play from a very tight angle to beat Jan Oblak. In the league, one of his goals was an impressive shot from just inside of the box. Even with defenders in front of him, he got enough curve on the ball to get it into the back of the net for Benfica. The ability to take his chances in the box when given them is something that all of the best wingers do. Being an all round player this early in his career is why Guedes has become such a highly touted prospect.

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