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Captain Ahmed

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Yes! Very different type of player... far more attacking minded than either William or Oscar. Though Oscar has changed and regressed so much that I am not even sure about his characteristics any more: he needs to rediscover it possibly away from chelsea.

Luan is an attacking player, the so called false 9 who likes and thrives roaming around the pitch. No he's not a top 5 player like Neymar is, but he's got some very interesting qualities that could make him become an important player for us: he's nimble, mobile and yet not that easy to take down; he's got a very nice first touch and tight control of the football along with pretty good dribbling skills, which makes him an excellent possession type of player; on top of that he scores plenty of goals esp for someone who has to roam around so much also performing defensive duties.

It's all a matter of price, but he's a very interesting promising player and certainly worthy of a move. Not sure which one I'd go for though: gremio has another player, a very technical holding mid whom we spoke of during the olympics (Wallace). Get both!

Even though I am a Gremio supporter, I've not been following the brasileiro much. Watched them at the olympics and libertadores though.

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Luan Characteristics

+ Strengths

Long shots
Through balls
Key passes

- Weaknesses

Aerial Duels

Luan's Style of Play

  • Gets fouled often
  • Likes to shoot from distance
  • Likes to cut inside
  • Likes to tackle
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