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West Ham v Chelsea

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Play inside the box has been poor by everyone, poor touches, shanked shots, miss plays you name it.

You can really see a difference between the 11-13 regular players and everyone else on our roster. Big drop in skill.

Come on you Chelsea!! Make it a game here if nothing else.


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I can't believe that our second team can't hold up.


We need a good second team if we want to compete in all competitions.

Even though no one seems to be taking this competition seriously, it would have been nice to see Conte lift some kind of a trophy. Do we get eliminated if we lose this match?



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4 minutes ago, !Hazard! said:

I'm sure there are better midfielders than Oscar in our academy. That guy needs to leave London for good.

*cough* Chalobah *cough*

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1 minute ago, bluephoenix said:

can't believe we are losing. I know its not the best team out there but still. A defeat is a defeat, it stings.


and we will be out of getting a cup. If we get kicked out if we don't put 100000% in to get the 1st place I will be disappointed. 1 point off we can win it since we won't be in Europe, won't be in the EFL cup, MEH!

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