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West Ham v Chelsea

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4 hours ago, Tomo said:





Subs:Courtois, Cahill, Aina, Matic, RLC, Pedro, Costa.

With us being out of Europe there is no desparate need to rest the stars, this competition kicked off the winning era of Jose mark 1 and Ronaldo/Rooney driven United, so we should go all out to try and win it. Nate and Bats deserves a chance and Begovic is trust worth enough to come in for Courtois but we need to try and win this cup and that means relatively strong lineups so sorry Ola and Ruben.

Plus we need to play 3-4-3 tonight, if it's the route we are taking for at least the medium term then the squad players that will play tonight need to get use to it.

I think Moses should get some rest to be fully fresh for Soton. Same with Alonso, but sadly we dont have replacement.

On another note, I see youngsters do well under Conte and if Aina plays, Im sure he will do his job well. Aina might well be our future and this kind of games would be perfect for him to play. Its still early stage in cup, so I would play mixed squad and then see how they do. If we reach semis or final, then we might play with stronger lineup or even then trust youngsters if they played well in earlier games.

With all respect to Whu, we should be able to win the game with mixed lineup or simply bring top dogs in second half to wrap it up.

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51 minutes ago, Parky said:

I think it will be a tough game but we will get the job done.

3-1 Win. Batshuayi, Hazard, Willian

I would take that result but I think it will be a hard game tho 

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Begovic, Luiz, Terry, Cahill, Azpi, Kante, Chalobah, Aina, Willian, Bats, Oscar

I think they will lineup 343:

Luiz  Terry  Cahill

Azpi Kante Chalobah Aina

Willian Bats Oscar


RLC didnt even make the bench. 

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Hey, guys, remember that young dude we had in our team...tall, solidly built, future Chelse star...

Ruben something. What ever happened to that guy? :P

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A bit strange line-up, don't really see how it fits unless he's playing some different formation. But I trust in Conte to know what he's doing.

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22 hours ago, Hybrid Angel said:

I think both Alonso and Moses need rests. They both play in very demanding positions and we need them fresh for the weekend. Thing is, we have nobody else other than Alonso to play as the left wing-back. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see Antonio revert back to the 4-1-4-1 this game. Aina at left-back and azpi at right-back.

It turns out that there are three centrebacks in there but well done about the wingbacks. Good call and good reasoning.

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