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Chelsea 4-0 Man United

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Man of the Match?  

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  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Courtois
    • Moses
    • Azpilicueta
    • Luiz
    • Cahill
    • Alonso
    • Kante
    • Matic
    • Pedro
    • Hazard
    • Costa
    • Chalobah (sub)
    • Batshuayi (sub)
    • Willian (sub)

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19 hours ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

Don't forget some champagne or sparkling wine of your choice to go with the salmon.  I'm not a huge fan of either salmon or sparkling wine TBH, but even I have to admit that they go quite well together.


I'm a Cava a man myself but all the women in my life prefer Prosecco so I grin and drink it.😊😊

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I just had awhile in Thailand but no way was I going to miss Mounure. Got back in England at noon, left the Mrs to take bags back and I just jumped a cab to the pub.

OMFG it mighta been a better high than you get down the Patpong Rd. It was a greatmood upstairs in MH and seemed they were up for a craic. I can get a bit loud at timess  trying to drum up enthusiasm but I got some rolleyes and looks down long noses from the chin strokers and twats sitting weith their phones out googling. It pisses me off. So I was totally with the Don trying to get some life into apathetic 'supporters. We shoulda been ripping the roof off the place doing what bobody else has done to them and finally dragging ourselves out of Mous shadow.

But that aside I thought the lads played great. Pedro even had a couple of good spells tho he needs upgrading.

I think that our members are the only ones I've noticed that gave N'Golo MOTM.. What a lad. Buy of the decade and the price!! If Pogs playing over him with France then summets dodgy.

I'm rel happy that me giving Moses such high praise preseason hasn't shot me up the arse lol. Hes been blinkin great! Now whether it was the Don that brought it out I dunno but I'm glad he did. I wonder who we would use if he got injurred? Or Alonso as far as that goes. MAYBE we will see tomorrow unless the formation changes.

I dont think we should go bonkers and bring in all the youth and bench. Winning a cup this season would do us good. Not just the team/Conte/supporters but also a bit of help when it came to transfers. Cause all these peeps saying just bring back all the ones on loan just wont work IF we make Europe. Yeah bring some in but we need GOOD upgrades in certain spots.


Did anyone see Roman? I didn't spot him. Thought he wouldn't miss it specially on his B'day. But fuckin great prezzie eh!!

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