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Chelsea boss Scolari offers hope for academy kids

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Luiz Felipe Scolari says he will lean on Chelsea's academy, despite talk of massive spending this summer.

The new Blues boss will rely on Carlos Pracidelli, who is "a goalkeeper coach and the man that goes three days a week to see the training in the academy".

He will recommend promising players.

"The academy is fantastic," added Scolari. "And I am the coach who helps [to promote] young players. I put many of them into the team at my previous clubs."

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how many times have we heard this said before

What Scolari is saying/doing is different to what any other manager has said. Plus the fact that has been discussed before that it will be easier for Scolari with the new 7 subs rule to involve youngsters.

Scolari is talking about having youngsters in his squad NOW, also having someone from HIS staff continuously watching the youngsters to see who is playing well and hoping to give them their chance.

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The new 7-subs rule will be beneficial for the youngsters, who will surely sense they have a greater chance of getting into a squad.

Absolutely, Soclari can afford to have at least 1 youngster on the bench for EVERY game now. If we are comfortbale we can bring them on, it SHOULD be fantastic for the youngsters and give plenty of them the chance to shine, or a couple of them more chances to shine.

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