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Petr Cech Wants To End Career With Blues

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Just seen an interview with the big Czech on Sky Sports news, stating that whilst he is "only 26," he would "like to finish [his] career at Chelsea."

This comes days after reports linked Cech with a movie to Serie A, but Pete has said the Premier League is the best league in the world and he wants to finish his career playing in England for the Blues.

Good to hear at least Big Pete has stated his desire to stay at the club.

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Agreed. And he seems to have got over the disappointment of his error in the Turkey game at Euro 2008, and I'm sure he will be stronger for it. He is a bloody minded player and I would not at all be surprised to see him break the Premier League's - and his own - record for clean sheets at the beginning of a campaign.

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i think that we all have gotten over the disappointment of the error - he was due one :lol:

but really i think it's great that he's making statements like these and we all know he's still the best keeper in the world

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Goalkeepers in general tend to be fairly loyal and not move around much. We would love to keep Cech around for maybe up to 10 years! There is no-one i would rather in between our goalposts right now...

Buffon for Juve

Cassilas for Real Madrid

Canizares for Valencia

Kahn for Bayern Munchen

David Semen for Arsenal(I hate him)

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