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Hull v Chelsea


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If this was up to me:


I would also send Courtwat to play in the U21 just because his face offends my sight.


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Please no more this bullshit defense. Cahill with another horrendouse mistake, Iva another hopeless game, his passing is just tragic. Azpi - Terry - Luiz - Alonso. Its Hull, its time for some changes.

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The only change we'll see is Terry for Cahill or Luiz.

At this point, I'm hoping Ivanovic or Matic gets injured...just so someone else gets an opportunity

Conte better get ready to move back to Italy, if that happens to be the case.

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I don't see alternatives to this line-up. Ivanovic, Matic, Cahill and Willian must stay far away from the starting line-up. It would be interesting to see more of that 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation but I'm afraid we just don't got enough decent centrebacks for it at the moment.

Let's just pray that Terry is fit! And hopefully in few weeks time Zouma will be too.

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2 hours ago, CurlyHairLikeLuiz said:


Dave. Cahill. Terry. Alonso


       Kante.   Fabregas

Moses.   Costa.  Hazard        




Cahill has to be dumped. I'm fine with that formation and with the fact that Luiz might be an excellent choice for CDM positie, but only when Zouma has fully recovered. Before that it has to be either Terry-Luiz, Terry-Ivanovic or Ivanovic-Luiz (god forbid) at the back.

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I expect big changes in starting lineup ... drop Ivanović and Cahill for a start, otherwise I am done with Conte :) I could live with at least 3 changes in starting lineup but honestly we need 5 or 6 of them ;)

I demand something new, just give us something please!!!! 


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