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Arsenal v Chelsea

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Haha Pedro. And everytime Matic and Iva get on the ball they have to make like a hundred touches. The fuck they think they are? Messis?

Fuck off.

I bet the air in our team right now is so toxic it would be career end for even the likes of Messi if they were here.

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16 minutes ago, Henrique said:

Fuck off. The message is: we have a shit manager.


15 minutes ago, DDA said:

No you fuck off, clown! Conte is managing idiots!


Carry on and you can have some time away, do not even think of carrying this on.

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1 minute ago, Sir Mikel OBE said:


None of these guys are fit to lace their boots.


People take for granted we just BEAT Arsenal. Not with this current lot.

This thing that we beat Arsenal is gone. Arsenal will now believe in themselves against us again. Unfortunately.

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