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Watford v Chelsea


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9 minutes ago, CurlyHairLikeLuiz said:

Lmao but I thought all of the above was down to Mourinho and only Mourinho? ?

Mourinho played a massive role. The team we had in 2013 finished 3rd. The shit we have now is down to Mourinho selling quality players to our rivals (Mata &, via Wolfsburg, De Bruyne), replacing with absolute shite/pointless signings (Salah, Cuadrado, etc.) and putting faith in shite players (Ivanovic, Oscar), old players (Eto'o) or half-season players (Fabregas).

I know which team I would prefer right now, the one full of promise (Lukaku, De Bryne, Mata) untainted by Mourinho's negativity. 

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Why is Hazard just standing out on the right, shouldn't he be coming more centrally? I hate to criticize him for stuff that isn't his fault, but he should know how much we need his creativity in more meaningful positions on the pitch. Anyway, that seems moot now as he looks to be hurt. 

1 minute ago, Sideshow Luiz said:

Fabregas for Matic, please.

Let's be honest. Fabregas won't do shit. 

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Yeah ... Just keep pass the ball to ivanovic and let him cross.

While everyone blaming his poor cross, I still don't understand why our players on the pitch keep sending him the ball to cross .... LoL

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6 minutes ago, CurlyHairLikeLuiz said:

And interesting to note. Terry has been our best defender today along with Dave. You boys are just looking for a scapegoat to lynch.

Terry our best defender hahaha. same guy who backed off a player for a new world record of 60 meters.

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