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Watford v Chelsea

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Watford vs Chelsea


2016/17 Premier League Match 2
20th August, Saturday 2016
Vicarage Road
15:00 Kick Off (UK time)

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7 minutes ago, petre.ispirescu said:
My name a Borat, I like a you, very nice :lol:


Good man, having the balls to go to another country and speaking their language. Nothing but respect for this man!

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9 hours ago, Iggy Doonican said:

Borat: A man yesterday, tell me if I buy a car I must buy one with a pussy magnet. 

Hahah, yeah mate, loved that movie. My favourite part was when he's found out his wife died, cracks me up everytime haha.


The kissing thing is actually very common here in Eastern Europe, especially when meeting older people you know or people you've just met and been introduced to. But it's done frequently between young people, too. Boy-girl mostly, but boy-boy as well, when they are very close friends. Going West, I think the tendency is the "one cheek kiss" only, but we do both cheeks. This is why it's funny because I've met a lot of foreigners and they didn't expect this kind of greeting, they were used to the "one cheek" kiss and that's it haha. Kind of force them to go for the other one, too, but you know, this is how it's done here haha.

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Ivanovic - Cahill - Terry - Azpi

Kante - Matic

Willian - Oscar - Hazard


With Cuadrado, Fabregas and Batman probably coming on. I was very pleased by last night's performance even if West Ham were shit, might as well see how this works again against Watford. Matic and Kante work well together getting the ball back and Cahill/Terry's long passes to the attacking 3 were good. Ivanovic looked better than he has in a long time so he keeps his place.

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We should thrash them.

-------------- Courtois

Ania --- Cahill --- Terry --- Azpi

Moses ---- Kante --- Matic --- Hazard

---------- Costa ----- Batshuayi


Then swap Matic for Fabregas, Moses for Pedro in the second half.

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My line up for the game againts Watford.







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I would throw Fabregas in for Oscar against these lot as I don't think they will press high and will be sitting deep so Cescy's creativity would come in handy here. Watford got battered against Southampton and somehow sneaked a draw. Let's hope we get the win.

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I really think we should use Square instead of Willian. Hes far more offence minded and loves hoing 1 on 1 with defenders running straght at them.

Also need to get Chalobah playing. great B to B and fit as a butchers dog. Good defending and going forwards.

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