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Watford 1-2 Chelsea


Man of the Match  

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  1. 1. Who is your Man of the Match?

    • Courtois
    • Ivanovic
    • Cahill
    • Terry
    • Azpilicueta
    • Matic
    • Kante
    • Oscar
    • Pedro
    • Hazard
    • Costa
    • Moses (sub)
    • Batshuayi (sub)
    • Fabgreas (sub)

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What a great win and 3 points for the boys. Michy and fabregas HUGE subs and Moses did well also. Reading through the match chat it is concerning how negative people are during the game. We know we have (serious) problems that need fixing but for 90 minutes just support whoever is wearing the shirt! Great winners late in two games. 6 points!

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I've been saying how poor Matic is for ages. Now hopefully Conte sees the enough of him. Without Cesc we looked completely clueless. God you have no idea how much I wish we could sign Nainggolan, the midfield trio of Naing Kante and Cesc would be awesome.

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Quick thoughts:

Kante should have been worth 60m in the current market.

Moses >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pedro. I dare anybody to disagree with this.

Ivanovic is perhaps even worse than last season.

We played 15/16 season football until Batman & Faregas came on.

Matic is the most pointless of pointless players. Genuinely good for nothing; a complete and utter waste of space. Kante deserves so much better than to play in midfield with Oscar and Matic.

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Conte fixed things... things he did wrong in the first place. There's merit fixing things, but he took a tad too long against West Ham to go all -attack (but I'm thankful he did) and today he had a bad lineup.

I mean, he 's new at the league , but seriously what tactical role was Matic doing there? Why start Pedro when Moses has been better so far (although he did little to nothing since he came, but nobody would do worse than Pedro did today). Then there's the big question, if Cesc isn't starting this kind of game, what kind of game he is? We won't need Matic in those matches, especially if Oscar is in the  match and can help Kante (as if he needs, but still).

And for the love of Jesus, someone just do a criminal tackle on Iva because it seems like no manager has  balls to actually bench him...

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