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The one thing I wish we had - a good long distance shot taker. Who agrees?

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Ever since Lampard left the club, I have been pining for a player of similar ilk - a player who will take 2/3 distance shots per game. I don't see this from any of our players (barring maybe Traore) and it is frustrating. I am not a Pogba groupie like many seem to be, but one thing I an envious of Utd for now, is they have a genuinely good distance shooter; one of those players who can just pull out a top draw shot and it flies into the top corner. Does anyone else agree we're missing this? I feel we've never replaced Lamps' goals from midfield. 

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We had one: deBruyne.

I imagine you're talking about someone who can drill it (laces shot) as opposed to just curling it.  Like Fredy Guarin, Alexander Meier or Ibrahimovic.  There don't seem to be as many of those around these days as everyone is busy dribbling and losing the ball.

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Essien was another one.
But Oscar-Willian-Hazard do have the long distance shot on a good day.
The secret here is to get to the position and have the momentum.
The defenders are aware of this of course, but I should think one out of every three Oscar shots, with the conditions I describe statisfied, is in.

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It doesnt help that both our strikers are penalty area masters but you can count their outside penalty area goals with fingers of one hand.

Would be nice yes if we had someone who can pop a rocket now and then.

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