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Interesting look at Transfer Spend of the "Top 6" clubs

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So I was bored and started looking at transfer spends for the top 6 premier league clubs over the past 5 seasons (including this one so far) and saw some interesting things.



United have spent the most over this period, 680M with City a close second at 665M. Unsurprisingly, Arsenal's at only 305M.



Surprisingly, Chelsea have made the most from player sales, 355M. Chelsea were never a selling club, but we keep buying young players which means decent resale value. Comparatively, City and United made just 175M and 170M respectively. Half of Chelsea!

While Arsenal don't spend a lot, they don't recoup much from player sales either. They've made the lowest out of all the top 6, only 108M from player sales.


Net Spend:

Tottenham are clearly reaping the benefits of their academy as their net spend over this period has only been a measly 43M! Of course, they still haven't won anything, but they are definitely on the rise without much outlay. Second lowest after Tottenham is Chelsea at 184M. Yup, that's right, Chelsea's net spend is lower than everyone except Tottenham, even Arsenal, the team that always makes excuses that they are more frugal than anyone else. Admittedly, they are a close third at 197M.

United and City with a mind-blowing 510M and 490M net spend in this period, almost 3 times as Chelsea and 10 times Tottenham, wow!


Net Spend.jpg


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I looked at ours over the past 3 years and saw that we harly spent owt but now seeing it compared to our main opponents well I'm a bit shocked actually at just how big a difference there is,

Nice job man. I'm sure that the board must go into these things only in much more depth.

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Yet Chelsea still spend close to the limit without breaching any rules. We certainly did well considering the circumstances. Buying the likes of Hazard, Oscar, Diego Costa, Fabregas, Filipe Luis, Matic, Willian, Schurrle plus Courtois, KdB from loans. Great additions when you look at the constraints.

The situation is different from 2015 and now especially because Yokohama deal, new Premier League & Champions League deals, Carabao sponsorship and then Nike. It's way better spending power and we certainly try to spend that.

If we're serious about introducing 1 youngster a year into the serious role in the first team, we'll be okay.

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