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Marco Parolo

the wes

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An offensive-minded player, Parolo is known for his tendency to make attacking runs from midfield, and also possesses a keen eye for goal due to his powerful, accurate shooting ability from distance, with either foot. A reliable and hard-working box-to-box midfielder, he is also known for his positional sense and ability to break down opposing attacks, as well as his efficient and intelligent passing game, which allows him to start attacking plays after winning back possession

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3 hours ago, the wes said:

I have never heard of this guy Marco Parolo I'm sure off it are Italian Talk Chelsea friend blue Fox would have info in this guy?? :D

He played at the Euro mate :)
The description you posted is pretty much accurate, I wouldn't say he's as attacking minded as it is suggested though; He can do both phases quite well (against Germany he played in front of the defence.) He is a reliable guy, he always gives his all, albeit, unfortunately, his all is hardly of the quality required here, he's also 31, so no improvements from him.
I like him overall, but it would be wise to steer clear of him. Get him only and only when all other possible targets fail.

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On 20/07/2016 at 10:10 AM, Unionjack said:

Dont we have enough 30+ already?

I thought Conte wanted faster/sharper/fitter?

It's probably BS we have been linked to everybody from the serie A 

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1 minute ago, the wes said:

It's probably BS we have been linked to everybody from the serie A 

I understand it if people might think I'm being a bit of an ageist right now but Id really like this Conte program to be players that can be together gelling, getting better and winning for years to come. Keep feeding with academy and buying top replacements as and when needed.

But we gotta startt off right. I know 30/31 means complete/experienced but we can also get that from younger players.

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