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Shkodran Mustafi

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Chelsea switch focus to Shkodran Mustafi CFC#

Mustafi would be expected to fetch £25m+ and would provide Chelsea with a longer-term alternative to Bonucci, who won’t leave. [Mirror]

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He's a real champion. Real gem. We just don't hear about it because he's a German not playing for Bayern. Tis the trend. How many great German players are there who we don't hear about simply because of the team they're not attached to? Plenty. I haven't seen him in 2 seasons but when I did see him I thought Terry had got a new hairdo. I thought he was around 24/25 years old back then, but he's only 24 right now.

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On 17.7.2016 at 6:22 PM, Chelsea Legend 11 said:

The defender market is so poor.

Actually it is quite decent. Hummels, benatia, umtiti, Bailly just moved, Juan jesus, too.  Then there is Murillo,koulibaly, manolas, höwedes and this guy here.


As for Mustafi he is a cool guy, relaxed, won't bitch around when he is on the bench, very mature for his age. Not a typical German defender tho. Spent the years most important to his development at Everton and sampdoria so he is robust, not too technical. Not a monster in the air but a very tenacious and composed tackler. Can play right-back if necessary. Would do a job here but I am not sure how high his ceiling is.

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There is a lot of good defenders out there, it's not all about Bonucci and Koulibaly ;) if we play 3 at the back we need two CBs imo because Terry, Ivanovic and even Cahill are poor ;)


It's all about finding the right player for the system :)

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With him not making any impression at Everton under Moyes for 3 years whi knows that might be a good thing.

But i dont know enough about him apart from Youtubes. But they make him seem good.

Who knows? We need 2 or 3 defenders.

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