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7. N'Golo Kante

Special Juan
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I'm in love with N'Golo We got him for the low low I'm in love with N'Golo  

One poor game (his passing was shit yes) and one of our most consistent players this season and reasons why we are top of the league needs a long term replacement. speechless.

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8 hours ago, Special Juan said:

'For N'Golo today he was the first day training with us,' said Conte. 'He has started to look at our idea of football to understand our methods.

'We are pleased to have him with us. He doesn't speak a lot but he does his job. He's a good guy, humble, with a great will to work. It's very important to me, this.

'He's in good physical condition, fantastic. He is a runner. He has great stamina and endurance. He's in good shape but we want to respect the time in the training session and put him in to play with us in the future.


I dont know why but this made me laugh out loud :D 

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26 minutes ago, Special said:

5′ 7″

He is exactly as tall as Makelele.

athletes like actors & the people who influence them, lie about their height all the time whether they're short or tall. If you're 5'11, Hollywood makes you 6ft+ for marketing purposes (Vin Diesel is a good example. He even wears built-up shoes.) Same happens in music, Kendrick Lamar is 5'4 but tries to push himself as 5'5 (Lil Wayne is 5'3 and tries to claim 5'5.) I know it seems like it shouldn't happen in sports too but it does. Official sites usually have different specs to Wikipedia too, with the latter usually adding an inch. Wiki puts Kante at 5 ft 6 1/2. So I'd confidently put him 1 inch shorter. 

To put things in perspective, Messi looks a true 5'7 (which Kanye West is, but he claims 5'8). He'd have 2+ inches on Kante, you can see that if you compare them.

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He's seriously underrated when it comes to technique. He has the reputation of just being a destroyer with limited footballing ability, but I'd say that better describes Matic. Kante is a fantastic footballer.

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Speaking of Kante, his replacement at Leicester, Ahmed Musa scored a brilliant brace against Barca earlier today.

If they Leicester had the two of them together this season, it wouldn't have been unrealistic for them to successfully defend their title.



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