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7. N'Golo Kante

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I'm in love with N'Golo We got him for the low low I'm in love with N'Golo  

One poor game (his passing was shit yes) and one of our most consistent players this season and reasons why we are top of the league needs a long term replacement. speechless.

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1 hour ago, 11Drogba said:

Not the best, not the most talented, but the most crucial player in PL.

Not the best at what exactly??

He is most certainly the best ball winning midfielder in the PL right now.

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His passing is so underrated. I've never understood those complaining about his distribution. 

The man is such a quick decision maker, and not to mention does everything he can to get the ball moving forward. His short passing game is top notch. World class in fact. His long passing could use work, but then again, he isn't there to be the playmaker from deep. 

Truly an all time great talent. 

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Crazy how he can miss a month through injury and come back and dominate Manchester United in his first game. Not only that, he instantly made Cesc and Baka look like world beaters as well. Exciting to have our full selection of CM's now. I think Drinkwater will be fantastic with Kante out there, too.
The thing that always amuses me and makes me just smile is when tiny little Kante runs full speed at someone twice his size, bullies and harasses them, and wins the ball cleanly. Incredible player. Getting way better carrying the ball and getting forward as well under Conte's coaching.
The fact he's arguably become our most important player within a year says it all.
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No doubt about it, Kante Fabregas and Hazard have been Chelsea's best players this season, bar none. But I still feel bad for Kante. 

Kante's being forced to watch an inferior footballer in Bakayoko by playing as a B2B CM when that should be Kante's position. In the limited times Kante's been allowed to play as a B2B CM this season, I've been very impressed with the additions to his game Kante has added in terms of making smarter decisions in the final third. 

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